10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!

1- A NASA trainee man steals stones from the moon to put them on his bed and has a relationship with his mistress on that bed

10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!
Thad Roberts in Astronaut Costume.

In 2001, Mr. Thad Roberts, then 24, was accepted into a joint NASA program to develop the talents of people aspiring to become astronauts, and was assigned to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, USA.

During a long era of space travel and exploration, specifically the “Apollo” missions, NASA was able to collect approximately 380 kilograms of moon rocks, and some of those rocks were placed in safe safes within the scientist’s laboratory (Everett Gibson). One night, with the help of two apprentices, (Roberts) entered the laboratory, and when he failed to unlock the safe, he loaded it onto a cart and drove to the city of Orlando, accompanied by one of his partners called (Tiffany Fowler), who was then 22 years old.

(Roberts) sent a letter to a Belgian friend named (Axel Emmerman) who works as a collector of rocks and minerals, and offered him to buy those moonstones, and an hour before the date of the sale, the young man (Roberts) and his girlfriend decided to celebrate in the hotel room in which they stayed, and it seems that for ( Roberts) has a taste for celebration and intimacy.

The man has scattered moonstones under the bedspread and decides to establish the relationship over this one on his bed. Luckily, Emmerman was intimidated by the operation and suspected that there was a story behind it, so he told the FBI the details, and so Roberts was arrested in the hotel apartment.

(Roberts) confessed to the crime, and he was sentenced to 6 years in prison. In one of the TV interviews, he claimed to have stolen out of love, something the FBI undoubtedly did not believe.

2- The captain of a cruise ship is busy with his girlfriend, which leads to the ship capsizing and the death of 32 passengers

10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!
Cruise ship Costa Concordia after capsizing.

Sailors, particularly in ancient times and the Italians and Greeks, had an ancient custom of greeting those standing on the shore when sailing so that the ship passes near the beach or the pier and people say goodbye.

On the night of January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia was preparing to set sail from the shore of an Italian island, carrying 3,206 passengers and 1,023 crew members. The captain of the ship was 53-year-old Francesco Schettino, and he seemed to be in love with a 26-year-old Moldovan dancer named Dominica Chimortan.

It was not the first time that (Skettino) led his ship and performed this maneuver or salutation, and so the man switched off the navigation system alarm to lead the ship relying on his gaze. Sciortino saw the waves crashing on the ridge, so he suddenly decided to tilt the ship in another direction, which led during this process to the ship’s hull being hit by a rock. When the ship began to capsize, the man rushed to escape from it, forgetting his duty to rescue the passengers and the calls and requests of the coastguard, which asked him to return immediately to the ship.

This accident killed 32 people, and about 300 passengers were stranded between the water and the ship while they were rescued by helicopters and motorboats. During the investigation, it became clear that the captain was not performing the maneuver as usual, but was accompanied by his mistress, who boarded the ship with him, and she was not mainly a passenger, meaning that she boarded the ship in violation of the law. The two seemed to be amusing the surrounding scenery while the ship took off, to the point where the judge explained that it was “a source of confusion and a distraction to the master”. Of course, that was not an acceptable excuse, as Schettino was sentenced to 16 years in prison for manslaughter.

3- The American politician (John Edwards) betrayed his wife with another woman and she became pregnant during his presidential campaign, only to find out later that his wife had cancer!

10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!
Senator John Edwards.

According to the Newsweek news site, politician (John Edward) hired Mrs. (Riley Hunter) in December 2006 to produce several episodes of his behind-the-scenes life during his campaign. In 2007, the Cincinnati Inquirer ran a story on the matter that contained a picture of Hunter pregnant. In the same context, Mr. (Andrew Young), a member of the (Edward) campaign, told ABC News that (Edwards) asked him to “bring a doctor to falsify the DNA tests… and steal one of the diapers of the baby so that he can secretly conduct a DNA test to discover if Was it really his child or not ”.

(Edwards) denied all the stories and the charges at first, but later admitted that he had had a long relationship with Hunter and that he really was the father of her child. In January of 2010, his wife (Elizabeth) announced her intention to divorce, but by the end of the year, his wife contracted breast cancer again and died on the seventh of December of the same year, so that the march of (Edwards) was full of scandals and black marks.

4- The American President (Warren Harding) and the scandalous love letters that he addressed to his married lover, including the name he gave to his penis

10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!
Warren Harding and Carrie Fulton Phillips.

This story happened between (Warren Harding) and his mistress (Carrie Fulton Phillips), and coincidentally, the (Harding) and (Phillips) families had known each other for a long time, to the point that the two families visited Europe several times together. In 1901, the infant son of Mrs. Phillips died, and thus the two families became close to each other due to the grief that accompanied that incident, but the problem lies in the relationship that became more intimate between (Warren Harding) and Mrs. (Carrie Phillips), to the point that they had a sexual relationship when They were touring Europe.

When Warren’s wife, Florence Harding, discovered this secret relationship, the Phillips family returned to Europe so that the marriage of both families did not fail. Meanwhile, Harding ran for the Senate in the US Senate, and when the world war broke out in Europe, the (Phillips) family returned to the United States, and the fire of love flared up again between Mrs. (Phillips) and Mr. (Harding).

The tragedy is that the intimate relationship between the two was not hidden, neither on Mr. (Phillips) nor Mrs. (Florence Harding), so much so that (Carrie Phillips) husband threatened her lover (Warren) to expose this relationship if he voted in favor of war against Germany, taking advantage of this scandalous and flawed relationship In favor of Germany’s support.

Things went smoothly until 1920 when Harding ran for the presidency of the United States on behalf of the Republican Party. The two lovers’ relationship officially ended, but (Harding) kept sending messages to (Florence Phillips), so that many of these letters were sent from the Senate, and many Republican officials tried to cover up this illegal relationship.

(Florence Phillips) was not easy either, as she demanded in exchange for her silence and secrecy that she get many benefits, and she was getting money to cover her trips to Asia and the Pacific Islands, in addition to an annual sum that she received until her death. That is, Florence took advantage of the love of the politician (Harding), and later the president of the United States.

5- A man tried to assassinate the US President (Ronald Reagan) to win the admiration of actress (Jodi Foster)

10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!
John Hinckley Jr.

In 1976, the movie Taxi Driver, starring Robert De Niro, was released, in which actress (Jodi Foster) played the role of a prostitute who was forced into this profession, at the time she was a young woman, no more than 14 years old.

Movies usually affect people, but (John Hinckley Jr.) was crazy affected, as the young man fell in love with an actress (Jodi Foster), and when the young womanenrolled at Yale University in Connecticut, he moved (Hinckley) to the same state to track down the actress, so much so that he enrolled in the university itself.

The young man used to put letters and poems under the door of (Foster) room, and of course, a man obsessed will not impress a woman in this way, and it seems that she rejected him seriously, so Hinckley began to imagine doing dangerous and crazy things in order to win her admiration.

The man said that he thought about a lot of things, such as hijacking a plane with its passengers or killing himself in front of it, but eventually settled on a more insane idea, which is the attempt to assassinate the American president, just as Robert De Niro tried to do in the movie Taxi Driver.

The man pursued the then American president (Jimmy Carter), but his order was revealed and he was arrested for possession of unlicensed firearms in Tennessee in 1981. But his efforts did not end, as he tried to target the newly elected president (Ronald Reagan), and before the attempt to assassinate him, he sent a letter to ( Foster) said in it: “Over the past seven months, I have sent you dozens of poems and love letters, in a desperate movement seeking to show your interest in me. Although we spoke on the phone several times, I cannot stand in front of you and introduce myself … The reason why I do what I want to do now is that I want to impress you, and I cannot be patient with that. ”

Indeed, on March 30, 1981, (Hinckley) fired six shots at the (Reagan) motorcade as the latter was preparing to leave the Hilton after attending a convention in Washington, DC. The bullets (Hinckley) hit the police officer (Thomas Delanti) and the agent (Timothy McCarthy), and the press secretary (James Brady) was very seriously injured that almost ended his life, while one of the rebounds hit President (Reagan) in the head, and caused him to fall, but he survived in the end.

What confirms the madness and obsession (Hinckley) is that he did not lift a finger after the shooting, but rather stood waiting for the guards who arrested him immediately. Fortunately for him, the judge considered him insane and therefore no murder charges were issued against him, and he was placed in a psychiatric hospital, where he remained until 2016 when he was released after it became clear to the federal judge that the man did not pose a danger to himself or others.

After his release, Hinckley lived in his mother’s home in Virginia and was banned from many things, including drinking alcohol and communicating with the families of his victims, and the family of (Jodi Foster) without a doubt. He was also banned from watching or listening to movies, TV series, magazines, music, and novels containing violent content, and he is not entitled to access pornographic films, remove the history of his browser, or visit the homes of current or former presidents, in addition to civil services he must perform.

6- Edward VIII abdicates the throne of Britain and creates a serious constitutional crisis in order to marry a divorced American twice (Wallis Simpson)

10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!
Wallis Sampson and former King Edward VIII.

(Edward) became the King of the United Kingdom and its colonies since the death of his father (George V) on January 20, 1936, but he abdicated the throne on December 11 of the same year, and the reason of course is women.

(Edward) met the American lady (Wallis Simpson), who was married to the British (Ernest Simpson), in January 1931. (Ernst) was not the first husband of (Wallis), but she had previously married a pilot in the US Navy named (Wayne Spencer) ).

Anyway, and by 1934, a fire of love was ignited in my heart (Edward) and (Wallis), but (Edward) knew that this love would not be accepted nor accepted in the United Kingdom, so (Wallis) is an American woman with a controversial past, What prompted the royal family to secretly track the two lovers, especially since (Wallis) began to dominate the heir to the throne and control his decisions. But on January 20, the king (George V) died, so it was the turn of (Edward) to take the empire’s throne.

The relationship between the two continued even after he became king, and by the end of October of the same year, (Wallis) decided to divorce her American husband, and it was clear that the king would marry her as soon as the divorce procedures ended. The governments of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth have opposed this marriage, and the Church of England does not allow a British monarch to marry a divorced woman if her husband is still alive.

Consequently, there was no choice for (Edward) but to give up the throne of Britain, and this happened on the eleventh of December in the same year, and (Edward VIII) became the king with the lowest reign in British history.

7- Another American politician is blackmailed by his secret lover for 9 months, and it ends in a major scandal

10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!
Portrait by Alexander Hamilton.

In the summer of 1791, Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America at the age of 34 at the time, began a relationship with a woman named (Maria Reynolds). This relationship continued, albeit unsteadily, until June 1792. But apparently That Mariah’s husband, named (James Reynolds), was aware of this relationship, and used it to get him and his wife $ 1,300 (a large sum at the time) to keep the relationship secret.

When (James Reynolds) was arrested later in November for participating in a plot to evade paying workers, he tried to get rid of this charge by blackmailing (Hamilton) himself and threatening him to tell newspapers and the general public about his relationship.

Hamilton found it best for him to disclose the nature of this relationship to a number of prominent personalities at the time, such as (James Monroe) and (Frederick Mullenberg). They decided to keep the relationship a secret, but (Monroe) sent a letter to (Thomas Jefferson), one of (Hamilton’s) most prominent opponents, telling her the details.

(Jefferson) undoubtedly secreted this information, and after several years, he began spreading rumors about (Hamilton) and his relationship and accusing him of corruption. Hamilton denied the corruption charges, but could not deny his relationship with (Maria), which led to his reputation being severely damaged.

8- The collapse of a nuclear reactor after a technician committed an intentional mistake in order to commit suicide after learning that one of his colleagues had a relationship with his wife

10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!
Pictures showing the explosion when the control rod was raised in an underground laboratory, similar to what happened with the SL-1 reactor in 1961.

The first low-power static reactor, or SL-1, was a small American nuclear reactor located in Idaho, intended to provide electrical power and heating to small, geographically isolated military installations. The collapse of the reactor occurred on January 3, 1961, so the people in charge of it were preparing themselves to restart the reactor after it was closed for 11 days due to the holidays at the end of the year, and one of the procedures followed is to manually pull the main control rod a few inches that could not be wrongly measured, which leads to the start of a mechanism Employment. Due to intentional or unintended error, the rod was pulled for a long distance, and within 4 milliseconds, intense enough heat was generated to cause a steam explosion.

The explosion immediately knocked two workers to the ground, one of whom died while the other was fatally wounded. As for the third factor, his fate was more painful, as a protective plug penetrated his groin and exited his shoulder, struck him from the ceiling of the room.

As for the reactor vessel, weighing 11 and a half tons, it rushed upwards by a distance of more than two and a half meters, releasing about 1,000 Cori of nuclear fissile material (a curie is a unit of measurement for the activity of radioactive material so that 1 curie equals the activity of 1 gram of radium-226).

The apparent reason for this accident is the incorrect and reckless withdrawal of the control rod, and the sources say that the work may have been intentional or by mistake, as the investigators estimated that the work may have resulted from a worker’s desire to sabotage or commit suicide, especially after the emergence of evidence of an affair between A worker’s wife and colleague. But the investigators did not rule out that the accident was unintended, as one of the workers may have wanted to pull the penis a great distance to make it move more forcefully.

It is not certain whether women had a role in this accident, but if it was, then this only highlights the folly of the person responsible for this accident, as the affair cannot be a reason for pushing a man to commit a quasi-nuclear disaster!

9- American politician (Anthony Weiner) corresponds with a minor girl, and after his personal computer was confiscated, the famous emails and letters of Hillary Clinton were revealed, which led to a much bigger scandal.

10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!
From the Weiner documentary on the scandal of politician (Anthony Weiner).

The story began in May 2011, when the politician (Anthony Weiner) used his personal and authenticated Twitter account to send a link to a 21-year-old woman. The link contained, as usual, a picture of his erect penis under his underpants. Later, reports surfaced that a 17-year-old girl tweeted: “Trust me, I’m talking to Representative (Winner) from New York City at this moment! Is this believed?

Mr. Weiner did not find a way out of the scandal except by admitting her health, but he denied in return that he had sent a photo of his penis. In any case, the politician was not spared by several other scandals including photos and conversations on social media.

In September 2016, following a report published by the “Daily Mail” newspaper, an investigation was opened with (Weiner) for his correspondence with a 15-year-old girl. But when his records were examined on his laptop, emails related to the controversial (Hillary Clinton) email case were found, as the Secretary of State at the time was using a different email service from the one designated for the ministry and secured on federal servers, and containing classified information. The FBI eventually reopened the investigation in late 2016, during the presidential election.

Thus, after his order was revealed, Weiner confessed to all the charges against him, namely sexual contact with a minor, and was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison.

10- A Mexican general loses a battle within 18 minutes because the fight began while he was having sexual intercourse

10 times the foolishness of men and their crazy pursuit of women was one of the causes of the disaster!
Painting depicting a Mexican general (De Santa Anna). Photo: DEA PICTURE LIBRARY / Getty Images

In 1824, General (Antonio López de Santa Anna) abrogated the Mexican constitution, which eventually led to the outbreak of the Texas Revolution at the hands of disaffected Americans as a result of the siege by the Mexican central government.

On April 16, 1836, a mixed-race woman named Emily D. West was kidnapped by Mexican cavalrymen, and then forced to deport with Mexican troops to Camp Santa Anna that was preparing to fight the Texas army led by General Sam Houston ).

On the twenty-first of the same month, the (Houston) forces launched an attack on the camp and General (Santa Anna) lost very easily. Although there are no contemporary records confirming that he had a sexual relationship with (D. West) during the period of the invasion, but the only source of that information is what the Englishman (William Bullert) wrote in his diary in 1842 after he heard the story from (Houston) himself.

Some of these stories were funny, but others confirm the madness and obsession of some men with women, such as the politician (Wiener), the harasser, for example, whose obsession led to the loss of his career or to other unforgiving consequences.

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