A Celebrity Makeup Artist Shares the Easiest, Dewy Skin Glam Hack for the Winter

Happy winter solstice. This winter is already bringing forth “once a generation” type of weather so skincare while wearing makeup on those cold days is more critical than ever. To help boost the glow hiding underneath, makeup artist Vincent Ford gave us the keys to the kingdom to have us glowing brighter than ever this season.

Ford took to Instagram to share one of the easiest hacks telling fans and followers, “Try this dewy skin hack which is perfect for the winter months.” In the clips the artist advises, “Mix a cream highlighter in with a liquid foundation and press in with your hands. He used NARS Multiple Highlighter Stick in the shade “Copacabana” and Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer — both holy grail, OG products from the brand. Achieving the look isn’t only tied to a tinted moisturizer. You can also use a full-coverage foundation mixed with a liquid highlighter.

Now for the oily ones, it’s not recommended to set with powder for the finish, but if you must we suggest tapping in your preferred setting powder lightly — and if all else fails, you’d better blot for your life.

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