A Massachusetts bus driver faces multiple charges after police say she was drunk driving while carrying a busload of students.

A Massachusetts school bus driver was arrested Thursday after police said she was under the influence while transporting a busload of students.

Bethan Sweeney, 53, a Hingham school bus driver, was stopped by police in Friendly’s parking lot after she responded to a call from a passenger who told them she had been driving erratically, reports.

According to the outlet, Sweeney was ferrying 28 riders, ages 14 to 20, and adult honorees from the Hingham United Basketball Special Olympics closing ceremony at Plymouth North High School and was driving them to Hingham High School.

The adult supervisors on the bus told the officers that Sweeney was swerving in and out of lanes, running a red light, and driving in the opposite direction of their destination, according to the outlet.

Police said Sweeney showed signs of intoxication after she got off the bus, according to

Police told the news outlet that Sweeney reeked of alcohol and was wobbly on her feet.

Officers concluded Sweeney was under the influence of alcohol after they administered several field sobriety tests, according to

Upon searching her car, police said they found a half-empty 23.7-ounce water bottle from Poland Springs, which smelled like liquor, according to the news outlet.

Police say Sweeney refused to take a breathalyzer test after being taken back to the State Police barracks in Norwell, according to the outlet.

According to the outlet, Sweeney is charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, child endangerment while under the influence, and negligent operation of a motor vehicle; reckless endangerment of a child; and possession of an open container of alcohol while driving.

According to a joint statement from Hingham Public School Principal Margaret Adams and Principal Rick Swanson, the students were taken home safely by another bus.

“We are deeply concerned about the incident and, most importantly, the distress this has caused our students,” the statement read. “We are grateful to our staff on board the bus, who responded promptly and acted quickly and responsibly to protect the safety of our students.”


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