A Michigan female claims she lost her life’s savings after she was robbed of $15,000 trying to buy a car on Facebook Market

A Michigan lady claims she shed her life savings after she was robbed at gunpoint at a meet-up with a made use of automobile vendor from Facebook Industry.

Nijme Fardous drove from Dearborn, Michigan, to Cincinnati after she saw an advertisement on Facebook Industry for a 2020 Ford Traveler provided for $15,000, WLWT5 reports.

According to the outlet, Fardous sent the seller, that police recognized as Amanda Renn Lion, 32, $500 before leaving Michigan with her moms and dads to meet up and the rest of the money in money.

Fardous told the news outlet that something appeared off when Lion reached the meet-up in the truck she was anticipating to get.

“So, we most likely to the parking area. I get into the associate her, and also we’re counting the cash,” Fardous told WLWT5.

Griffin, who showed up with her boyfriend in a separate mosted likely to her partner’s car throughout the exchange as well as came back to hold a weapon to Fardous head, according to the electrical outlet.

Fardous said that Griffin required that she leave the vehicle and then took off with her sweetheart and the cash money, WLWT5 reported.

Cincinnati Police Det. Charles Zopfi told the electrical outlet that Fardous was not the only target of Griffin’s scam.

“Investigating with her Facebook account, I understand of at least six to eight various other people that were preyed on,” Zopfi told WLWT5.

According to the outlet, Zopfi recommended online purchasers and vendors to do their purchases at the police station to guarantee their security.

“What we’re asking people to do whether you’re acquiring or selling, organize with whoever you’re managing, to do the transaction at any police headquarters. I do not assume there’s a police headquarters in the state of Ohio that wouldn’t agree to have you do it there,” Zopfi informed WLWT5.


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