A survivor of the Club Q shooting ducked for cover behind an overturned table and prayed loudly as the gunman opened fire at a Colorado LGBTQ nightclub

A survivor of the Club Q shooting hid behind an overturned table and prayed loudly for the shooting to stop when a gunman sprayed bullets into the dimly lit Colorado nightclub where patrons were dancing to hip-hop music.

“I was really praying on the ground and praying out loud waiting for it to stop,” Felicia Gufera, 35, said Tuesday, as she described in detail the horrific rampage over the weekend that left five dead and more than two dozen injured. “I remember saying, ‘Lord Jesus, please watch over us. be with us Please let him stop. “

Juvera, her boyfriend, and two friends went to a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs shortly after 11 p.m. On Saturday, about 45 minutes before police say the shooter fired a long gun.

The group planned to stay at the bar for about an hour to support their friend Tara Bush or “DJT Beatz” who was playing music at the club.

“People were enjoying themselves. The vibes were great. There were people on the dance floor,” said Guvira, who estimated the number of people in the club at the time to be around 40 to 50.

A survivor of the Club Q shooting ducked for cover behind an overturned table and prayed loudly as the gunman opened fire at a Colorado LGBTQ nightclub
Bouquets of flowers sit on a corner near the site of a mass shooting at an LGBTQ bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 
David Zalubowski/AP

Juvera, a Colorado Springs native, was having her second round of drinks and was on her way to the table where her boyfriend and girlfriend were when suddenly gunshots rang out.

“We really thought it was part of the music,” said Guevera, explaining that they heard four or six more rounds. “That’s when we knew that wasn’t part of the music. These are gunshots, and we can smell the gun smoke.”

Seconds later, Guvira’s friend—Gil Rodriguez, a US Air Force veteran—yelled “Get down” and flipped over the carousel they were on, using it as a “shield.”

“We just got on the floor. And we were kind of almost lying on top of each other,” Giuvira said, noting that Rodriguez “was lying on top of me, trying to protect my face.”

The lights were low, and Guvira — who discovered she had been shot in the right thigh when she got home — said she never saw the shooter.

But she could tell the gunman was spraying bullets all over the club and believed she and her group could have been killed.

“Our backs were exposed,” she said. “And I think that’s the scariest part – we didn’t know where the shooter was.”

“Every time you thought it could be done, there were more and more rounds,” added Yuvira, who recalls hearing as many as 12 rounds. “She didn’t know where those bullets were flying. She didn’t know anything.”

The shooting finally stopped after two patrons, including an old American soldier, brought the gunman down and disarmed him.

Once the bullets stopped flying, Yuvira said, Rodriguez quickly called 911 and turned off the music that was still playing so he could hear the dispatcher.

“I could see the exit door at the back of the place was open, and I just thought, ‘If I can get through that door, I’ll be safe,'” she said.

A survivor of the Club Q shooting ducked for cover behind an overturned table and prayed loudly as the gunman opened fire at a Colorado LGBTQ nightclub
A bouquet of flowers is left near Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on November 20, 2022. 
(Photo by Jason Connolly / AFP)

When she runs out of the venue, she sees her friend DJ lying right outside the exit door in the snow with a gunshot wound to her back.

“All I could do at that point was hold her hand and make her feel good,” Guvira said, adding that Bush was “recovering” in the hospital.

As police and paramedics poured into the scene, Guvira said her boyfriend helped direct them towards those who were badly injured.

“There was a girl holding her cheek who was shot in the face. There was a girl holding her arm who was shot twice. And everyone, you know, just bleeds,” she recalled.

Guvira said she was “grateful” that she got away from the shooting alive and was able to help others in the process.

Two of the club’s bartenders were among the victims killed in the shooting, and Euvira was chatting to them as she ordered a drink moments before the massacre.

“If I had been standing at that bar longer waiting for drinks, I could have been one of the people who didn’t make it,” she said.

“It was surreal. I couldn’t believe it,” Guvira said of the harrowing ordeal. “So far, it hasn’t really shocked me.”


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