Air India Takes Action Against Passenger Involved In Shocking Mid-Air Behavior

On January 4th, a shocking incident, which took place on a New York-Delhi Air India flight in November 2022, surfaced. A drunk passenger was involved in appalling indecent behavior towards an elderly female passenger in the business class section. According to the latest reports, both Air India and the police department have, rightly so, initiated action against the accused passenger.

Certain details about the incident can be disturbing for some readers.

The incident

Disturbing details of an incident on a New York-Delhi Air India flight have emerged in which a drunk man urinated on his co-passenger, a woman in her 70s, in the business class cabin. Shockingly, the accused was allowed to walk off without any consequences, but weeks later, action is being initiated against him.


The incident occurred shortly after the lunch service had concluded, and cabin lights were dimmed. The victim wrote a letter to the group chairman of Air India, N Chandrasekaran, in which she described what happened.

Air India Business Class Cabin

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Her clothes, bags, and shoes were soaked, following which a flight attendant sprayed disinfectant on her belongings. She further details the incident in the letter, adding,

“I was given a set of pyjamas and disposable slippers to change into. After changing, I stood near the toilet for about 20 minutes. I asked for a change of seat but was informed that there were no seats available. One of the senior stewardesses came after 20 minutes and offered me the small seat used by the airline staff, where I sat for about an hour.”

“I was then asked to return to my initial soiled seat. Although the staff had put sheets on top, the area was still damp and reeking … two hours later, I was given the steward’s seat, where I sat for the remainder of the flight, approximately five hours.”

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Air India bans passenger

It has now been reported that Air India has imposed a 30-day ban on the accused passenger until it concludes its own investigation. An AI spokesperson commented,

“The passenger has been banned from flying with Air India for 30 days or till the decision of the internal committee, whichever is earlier. If found guilty, action will be taken against the unruly passenger as per regulatory guidelines.”

The spokesperson also added that Air India is in contact with the aggrieved passenger and investigating the lapses in dealing with the situation.

The female passenger was disappointed with how the cabin crew handled the situation, saying she had to “advocate for myself throughout, waiting for long periods of time to get a response.”

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Police case filed

Meanwhile, Delhi Police has filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the accused passenger for alleged molestation, obscenity, and indecent act. The department is also in touch with Air India and the aggrieved passenger regarding the matter.

The Indian Express quotes a senior police officer as saying,

“We have taken her (aggrieved passenger) complaint from the airline, and have asked her to give us more details. She said she will mail them. The accused has been identified.”

Hopefully, the authorities will take appropriate action soon.

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Source: The Indian Express

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