APS Underwater Rifle

The APS (Avtomat Podvodnyj Spetsialnyj) was created in the mid-1970s as an approach to give the more noteworthy capability to Russian frogmen (who had been recently equipped with blades and the SPP-1M submerged gun). It was at first utilized by the Russian military, however has likewise been sold on the global market since the fall of the Soviet Union.

APS Underwater Assault Rifle

The APS was initially founded on the AK-74 rifle, yet a few critical changes were made. It fires a 120mm long 5.6mm dart or flechette, which is moderately steady voyaging submerged – it utilizes a smoothbore barrel and depends on the shape of the dart for solidness and precision. The dart is terminated by a norm (albeit all around waterproofed) cartridge case with powder and groundwork. The magazine shape is directed by the long shots and holds 26 rounds.

The rifle utilizes a gas cylinder like the AK to work, however, discharge from an open jolt. This guarantees that the barrel stays loaded up with water, which is important to appropriately balance out the shots. It very well may be discharged dry above water, yet this is wrong and makes critical wear the firearm. The trigger instrument has a selector for semi or full programmed fire, and an imploding wire buttstock gives some steadiness.

Russian APS underwater rifle - exploded view

The APS is by a long shot the most completely created submerged gun being used, in spite of the fact that it has deficiencies. The wide magazine profile can make moving in the water to some degree troublesome, and the sights are basic and unrefined.

On account of expanding water pressure, the APS performs contrastingly at various profundities. As one lowers farther, the cyclic pace of the weapon eases back down and the gag speed and viable reach decline. At 5m profundity, the APS is considered to have a powerful scope of 30m, diminishing to 11m at a profundity of 40m. This adjustment in pressing factor likewise requires a self-changing gas framework, to guarantee that the activity cycles dependably in various pressing factors. The idea of planning a viable submerged gun truly uncovers various intriguing contemplations not applicable to typical firearms.


APS Underwater Rifle manual (Russian, 1983)

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