Artist Robyn Gibson’s Debut “Life is Weird” Art Exhibition Closes Saturday, Dec. 24 at Wheelhouse Art

Robyn Gibson’s debut solo exhibition, “Life is Weird” closes this Saturday, Dec. 24 at WheelHouse Art (2650 Frankfort Ave.). The gallery will be open from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. for the final day. 

“Life is Weird” shares 24 works from the artist ranging in size from quite small and intimate to “larger-than-life” charcoal figures on canvas. 

The announcement describes her work and its “voluptuous, lyrical style draws inspiration from her own curves and conveys the movement and force informed by her boxing practice. The act of taking up space and claiming ownership of it is important to her work. As a Black artist focused on self-portraiture and the exploration of her own trauma, Gibson grapples with Black identity, the depiction, perception and value of Black bodies, and what it means to be authentic.” 

Watch an interview with WheelHouse Art owner Daniel Pfalzgraf and Gibson: 


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