Best masters degree in theology online programs

Master of Divinity programs include the Master of Divinity (Th.M.) and Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS). Some schools offer a master’s degree in theological studies, which is equivalent to the MATS. Each of these degrees allows learners to deepen their scholarly engagement with their faith.

Most Th.M. The degrees take one year to complete, and require about 30 credits. Coursework typically covers pastoral counseling, systematic theology, biblical exegesis, and biblical languages ​​such as Greek and Hebrew. MATS degrees often take one to two years to complete and include 30-60 credit hours of coursework. Education costs vary. Some of the best online programs cost as little as $5,500. Others can cost more than five times that amount.

Graduates of master’s degrees in theology programs often work as directors of educational programs for religious organizations or as members of the clergy. Many also pursue careers in academia. According to PayScale, individuals with a master’s degree in theological studies earned an average annual salary of $59,000 per year as of October 2021.

Read on to learn more about earning a master’s degree in Theology online, including degree offerings, admission requirements, and graduate career options.

What can I expect from an online MA in Theology program?

Students who pursue a Master of Divinity degree are usually skilled in academic writing and research. Many graduates become teachers or members of the clergy, so they are often gifted talents and committed public servants.

If you are preparing to apply to graduate school in theology, make sure you understand the different master’s options in theology degree options. The Th.M. Intended for individuals who plan to pursue professional service or earn a PhD in theology or a related subject. Many Th.M. The degrees require applicants to have a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree.

Most Th.M. The programs include 30 credit hours of coursework and take one year to complete. Students typically choose a major, such as Biblical Studies, Religion and Society, or Service and Communication.

Unlike most Th.M. MATS programs often accept students who have not completed graduate-level theology courses. Although some MATS programs prepare students for ministry roles, MATS degrees are best suited to lay people who do not plan to become certain clergy. MATS programs include 30-60 credits and students take two years to complete. Classes introduce students to theological concepts and disciplines.

What courses will I study in the online master’s program in Theology?

the Hebrews

Students study the Epistle to the Hebrews, one of the most important books of the New Testament. Through careful textual analysis, students consider the historical context of the book, issues of interpretation, and major theological themes.

Defenses in the New Testament

This course focuses on the historical validity of the New Testament. Students engage with literature from historical Jesus studies and New Testament Christology. They learn to defend the validity of the New Testament against its critics.

History of world Christianity

In this chapter, learners study the global spread of Christianity from the first century onward. Through readings, lectures, and discussions, students learn about missionaries and influential movements.

Leading the parish and practicing the service

Students explore principles of Christian leadership and how they apply in their ministerial practices. They learn to approach ministry responsibilities in theological terms and to think about what it means to be called to be a chaplain.

Religion and immigration

This course explores the relationship between immigration and religion in the United States. It deals with the impact of migration on spiritual practice. The course also examines the impact of religion on immigrant families, cultures, and communities. Students think about how race, ethnicity, and religion intersect in forming immigrant identities.


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