Bluetooth Earphones Vs Bluetooth Headphones : Comparison

Bluetooth Earphones Vs Bluetooth Headphones

One of the booming technologies in recent years is wireless technology. Wireless products for listening to music is redefining the world, mainly because of Bluetooth technology. So it must be obvious by now why wireless products are called Bluetooth products.

Is Bluetooth “music” necessary?

Since the Bluetooth headphones and earphones only need Bluetooth technology for operation, no wires are necessary for connection with the device. The supplementary features incorporated in such products are mic, controls, and an own battery, which removes the necessity to have mobile or similar devices nearby.

Other reasons for choosing wireless products:

  • The sound is quality, as good as wired music headphones or earphones. The only thing to remember is that the quality of the sound is much dependent on the distance between source and product and the obstructions between them.
  • Uninterrupted music anywhere.
  • No need for the accompaniment of phones everywhere since the range for good transmission is about 10 meters.
  • More style and comfort. No more tangled mess, which is a user-friendly option in comparison to the wired products.

Before deciding whether to but expensive Bluetooth earphones or Bluetooth headphones, it is good to know the differences present in these products.

Bluetooth Earphones

The Bluetooth earphones or in-ear headphones are designed in various sizes and cushion types for achieving the most comfortable fit possible. The cushions used here are rubber, memory foam, and silicone. Few of them are shaped to lock into the concha of the ear and protrudes further into the ear canal.

The only downside is that if the fit is not snug enough, it may fall or be too tight. The design of locking into the concha sounds secure, but it may reduce comfort for certain individuals. Another attractive feature present in these Bluetooth headphones is the noise-canceling property, which is a huge positive.

Though these are very small in size, both performance and the cost is quite high.

Bluetooth headphones

Another type that is seen widely in the market is Bluetooth headphones, which usually do not have cushions except for a few models. They are placed at the center of the outer ear rather than present inside the ear canal as with Bluetooth earphones. Usually comes in one-size for all people that may not be the preference of some individuals. Since there is a huge chance that these headphones might not sit correctly outside the ear, it may fall out frequently.

This type allows entry of ambient noise so that one does not feel sealed from the outside world. It also is for safety when used for outdoor exercises. The good news about the Bluetooth headphones is that they are cheap in comparison to the Bluetooth earphones.

Bluetooth EarphonesBluetooth headphones
The audio quality is superiorVolume and bass is weak
Fit is snugFit is less secure
Less durableDurability is good
Takes effort to cleanEasy to clean
Noise-cancelling featureAllows ambient noise
Different cushion sizesOne size for all
Less comfortableProvides good comfort

Whether the Bluetooth earphones or Bluetooth headphones are good or not entirely depends on each individual’s preferences. But no matter what device is used, it is important to remember that regular cleaning is required to remove oil build-up, earwax, and dirt for the longevity of the listening devices.


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