Climate activists have attached themselves to a runway at Berlin airport, forcing officials to divert more than a dozen flights

Climate activists breached a runway fence at Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport and stuck themselves to the tarmac, bringing air traffic to a standstill on Thursday.

Three protesters wearing orange vests cut through a fence and walked to the runway, according to footage released by climate activist group Last Generation. It is not immediately clear if other off-camera activists have joined the protest.

It shows a protester sitting with his hand on the tarmac next to glue bottles. “Some sticking to the asphalt, others riding their bikes through the diversion zone,” Last Generation wrote on Twitter.

The organization said the activists had notified the police in advance.

It denounced air travel as “not a means of transportation for ordinary citizens”. “The richest one percent of the population is responsible for about half of aviation-related greenhouse gas emissions,” the group wrote on Twitter.

Brandenburg Airport spokesman Jan Peter Hack told German broadcaster RBB that the protest disrupted flight operations for 90 minutes on Thursday, and 15 flights were diverted.

As a result, approximately 3,000 to 4,000 passengers were affected, the outlet reported. Flight operations resumed at approximately 6:20 pm. Berlin time, added Hack, per RBB.

Police said, quoting police, that the protesters have been arrested and will be charged with dangerous interference with air traffic, trespassing and damage to property.

Brandenburg Interior Minister Michael Stupgen condemned the protest, describing it as a “serious criminal offense” that could endanger human life, according to German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

“Anyone who knowingly puts others at risk because of their worldview is not an activist, but a criminal,” he said in German.

This isn’t the first time the last generation has publicly protested for the environment.

In October, two members of the last generation threw mashed potatoes at a $110 million Claude Monet painting in a museum.

On Friday, an environmental activist group in Italy of the same name dumped flour on a car that Andy Warhol repainted in 1979.

Members of the last generation also blocked traffic near Brandenburg Airport on Friday by sitting on a motorway.

Climate activists have attached themselves to a runway at Berlin airport, forcing officials to divert more than a dozen flights
Participants of a climate test block traffic on the A113 shortly before the exit to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) “Willy Brandt”. 
Christoph Soeder/picture alliance via Getty Images


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