COP15 on biodiversity. The States reach a historic agreement in Montreal

Countries around the world reached a historic agreement at COP15 on biodiversity in Montreal. The text aims to halt the destruction of biodiversity and its resources that are essential to humanity.

Countries around the world reached a historic agreement on Monday, December 19 in Montreal to halt the destruction of biodiversity and its resources essential to humanity.

After four years of difficult negotiations, ten days and a night of diplomatic marathon, more than 190 States reached an agreement under the aegis of China, president of the COP15, in spite of opposition from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This “pact of peace with nature” called “Kunming-Montreal agreement” aims to protect lands, oceans and species from pollution, degradation and the climate crisis.

“A historic step”

The countries have agreed on a roadmap that includes protecting 30% of the planet by 2030 and unlocking $30 billion in annual conservation aid for developing countries .

“The agreement has been adopted ,” Huang Runqiu, the Chinese president of COP15, declared during a plenary session organized in the middle of the night, before dropping his hammer to the applause of the tired-looking delegates.

“Together, we have taken a historic step ,” welcomed Steven Guilbeault, Minister of the Environment of Canada, host country of the summit.

30% of the planet protected

The creation of protected areas on 30% of the planet, the best known of the twenty measures, has been presented as the equivalent for biodiversity of the Paris objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. To date, 17% of the land and 8% of the seas are protected.


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