Elon Musk’s legal problems are now the subject of a law school semester

With Tesla and SpaceX mired in lawsuits over CEO compensation, a potential Twitter takeover, and related securities investigations, billionaire Elon Musk’s legal woes are the main topic of a new UCLA Law School class being presented in the classroom. next one.

Elon Musk’s Law course, taught by corporate law expert Professor Stephen Bainbridge, covers Musk’s “pushing the edge of the envelope style” for business leadership and lawsuits related to Tesla’s purchase of Solar City, a company in which Musk was a shareholder, the ongoing battle over Musk’s potential acquisition of Twitter, and potential conflicts of interest in his business dealings.

The course summary reads: “As someone who manages an enormous amount of other people’s money, Musk is constantly faced with the temptation to pursue his own interests and goals rather than focusing on the well-being of those who entrusted him with their savings.” “This course looks at some of the ways in which law constrains (or fails) Musk’s divergence from shareholder interests.

Bainbridge told the New York Mag, Musk is “an incredibly intelligent and adventurous guy who is capable of generating ideas that produce massive amounts of value but who would be a pain in the ass as a client because he often jumps before he looks.” These leaps, he said, have led to an ongoing pattern of flouting legal process that has led to multiple lawsuits and lawsuits over securities.

“[Mask] generates a lot of really interesting case law from Delaware,” Bainbridge told the New York Mag about his dismissal.

Although headquartered in California, the legal battle over Twitter’s future is moving through the Delaware court system as the social media company was founded in the state in 2007.

“And then there’s an outstanding issue about Tesla’s CEO compensation package, which is a great case because it’s what’s going to hit students as a massive amount of money — billions of dollars in CEO compensation — that’s beyond anything we’ve seen before,” Bainbridge told the New York Mag.

Since Musk’s 15% stake in Tesla has called into question the conventional wisdom that a controlling stake requires a 50% stake in a business, the Bainbridge course will also cover how the world’s richest man changed corporate law, such as identifying a controlling shareholder in a corporation.

“There are all these cases from different areas that all involve Mask,” Bainbridge told the New York Mag. “And given how popular this year has been with Twitter and everything, I thought this would be a way to really get the students’ attention.”


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