Gundam Barbatos Abilities & Gameplay Tips

Gundam Barbatos can be an intimidating character to play. These tips will help players make the most of this mace-swinging mobile suit.

Gundam Evolution emerged earlier this year as a surprisingly deep and enjoyable hero shooter that is set in the world of Mobile Suit Gundam. Overwatch practically invented the hero shooter, and the game has dominated the genre since it was released in 2016. However, with the release of its sequel, Overwatch 2, there have been more than a few problems involving the popular game. During the turmoil, Gundam Evolution launched and seems to be well-received by fans and critics alike, and one of the key elements to its success is the varied playable units in the title.

There are no unit roles in Gundam Evolution like in other hero shooters. Every unit in the game can fill classic roles like healer, tank, or damage, but players are never confined to those specific roles. Each unit’s abilities usually have damage and healing attributes, so units are adaptable to whatever the current situation requires. Unfortunately, this means that some units are harder to understand than others, and some players may have difficulties comprehending them. Gundam Barbatos, for example, is a fan favorite from the anime, but it can be a daunting unit for gamers to play as. However, these tips should help anyone suit up with the unit.

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Barbatos Is Built for Ability Combos

Gundam Evolution

Gundam Barbatos comes from the Iron Blooded Orphans series, and it is an interesting unit because it is the only one that doesn’t have any ranged attacks. All of its attacks revolve around swinging its mace. The primary attack deals a considerable amount of damage with the mace, while its Sub Weapon attack charges up the mace to perform a downward smash that does even more damage and stuns the enemy for one second. Barbatos’ first ability is its Long Sword ability. This causes Barbatos to leap a small distance into the air and then stab its long sword into the ground. The Long Sword does area of effect damage that has a high number at the tip of the sword, and it diminishes towards the outer ring of the attack. Its final ability is a boost jump that allows Barbatos to leap into the air to clear walls, traverse great distances, flank enemies, or quickly escape.

The key to being successful with Barbatos is to chain together the unit’s abilities. He functions somewhat like a DPS character in Overwatch. What Barbatos lacks in ranged combat, it makes up for with a deadly combo. Players should keep Barbatos’ mace charged for a downward strike whenever available. This will allow them to hit the enemy for a lot of damage and stun them. After hitting the enemy with a downward strike, players should immediately follow up with the Long Sword ability. That will completely deplete the health of most units, destroying them to take away the enemy’s ability to revive them. Lastly, if the player is under fire after this attack, they can use Barbatos’ boost jump to retreat to safety. It is important to note that the boost jump will instantly reactivate after a kill regardless of its cool-down meter. Players can repeat this to rack up kills and flank the enemy.

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Movement Is Key to Playing as Barbatos

Gundam Barbatos and GM Sniper in Gundam Evolution
Gundam Barbatos and GM Sniper in Gundam Evolution

While Barbatos has the capacity to deal a lot of damage and kill almost any unit instantly, it is not the most durable unit. With 1000 HP, it’s not the unit with the lowest health, but it’s far from one of Overwatch‘s tanks. Combine that with its lack of ranged abilities, and it is incredibly easy for Barbatos to be eliminated by units with great ranged capabilities or multiple enemies focusing on it. Turn A Gundam is a direct counter to Barbatos, and it has moves that can interrupt Barbatos’ abilities. That is why it is important to constantly move around the enemy team.

Barbatos is not a unit that is made to directly charge forward at the enemy. It has three boost gauges, which is more than most of the other units in the game. This can allow it to swiftly dodge out of trouble three times, and it makes it one of the faster units. It is important to combine these boosts with its jump boost ability to flank the enemy and quickly retreat. The jump boost can be used to leap behind the enemy team, get some quick kills in, and then jump back out to heal. Plus, using boost gauges to dodge can distract the enemy and make Barbatos harder to it.

Gundam Barbatos is one of the more challenging units to play in Gundam Evolution. However, it can give any team a massive advantage during a battle if the unit’s pilot knows how to use it. It may take some practice, but these tips will help anyone know how to effectively use Barbatos. With this information, players will be aiding their team to tremendous victories in no time.

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