Hideo Kojima Teases Mysterious Xbox Project

Hideo Kojima comments on the ‘unusual’ game that Kojima Productions is developing for Xbox that’s being built on cloud technology.

Hideo Kojima recently shared some more information about Kojima Productions‘ upcoming collaboration with Xbox. The Xbox game Kojima Productions is working on has been kept very secretive, to the point that there’s still a significant number of Kojima fans unsure if the game has even been announced. The Xbox project is real, though, and in active development. Kojima isn’t ready to fully unveil it yet, but he’s growing more and more comfortable sharing news about its development.


The mystery Xbox project was officially announced on June 12. There’s some confusion regarding this announcement in part due to widespread leaks. Some leaks focused on the Kojima and Xbox collaboration, while others obfuscated it speculating about Silent Hill, the Abandoned and Blue Box conspiracy theory, and other odd rumors. The June 12 announcement set the record straight. Kojima was working on an Xbox game designed around using cloud technology.

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In an interview with IGN, Kojima elaborated on his studio’s approach to the Xbox project. He says that this is a project he’s been thinking about for “five or six years,” making clear that this isn’t something Kojima agreed to spontaneously. Kojima isn’t willing to divulge any specific details about the game’s gameplay or story, of course. But he does say, in what’s perhaps the least surprising revelation tied to a Kojima game ever, that the game is “unusual.”

Rather than focusing on details better saved for the Xbox game’s unveiling, Kojima once again talks about technology involved. Kojima says that he can get easily bored so utilizing new technology is a way for him to stay interested. The Xbox project, specifically, requires “infrastructure that was never needed before,” so many companies were averse to Kojima’s plans. Microsoft was the company that eventually “showed they understood” and that’s why Kojima decided to partner with it.

While Kojima is reticent to say anything more, what’s absolutely clear is that the Xbox cloud project is going to be unlike anything else he’s worked on up to this point. The rhetoric may seem like he’s setting up expectations that can’t be met, but if anyone can deliver on his promises it’s a Hideo Kojima now running his own independent studio with near complete creative freedom.

The biggest question yet to be answered is whether or not Kojima Productions is capable of developing two AAA projects at the same time. With the recent announcement of Death Stranding 2, there’s some worry that the Xbox game will be de-prioritized. If not that, then perhaps the game is smaller-scale than what some fans originally believed. More information about Kojima Productions‘ new game should be shared in 2023, so look forward to it.

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