How to Use a Top Loading Washing Machine

In today’s time, there are many appliances which we use to make our life convenient. Different appliances are used for various purposes such as a microwave for making food, washing machine for washing clothes, and many others. Clothes are the thing which everyone from all gender and age group is fond of, and care is taken of it, that it should be at its best as well as long-lasting. Washing machines are used for washing clothes, and one can take it as per the needs of the family. There are two types of washing machines which are common nowadays that is a top-load machine and a front-load machine.

Mostly the top load machine is being used for washing the clothes. It is very convenient as well as easy to learn so that anyone can use it for washing clothes-

Separate the clothes which bleed colors

Mostly clothes in today’s time could be washed in the machine. But there are some clothes which bleed colors, so that should be separated from other clothes as they could color the other clothes washed with it. This will ruin those clothes. Even though there are some very delicate clothes such as having embroidery work on it, which could not be washed in the washing machine. On these clothes, it is always mentioned to make the clothes, hand wash only, or get it dry clean.

Choose the right cycle of washing

Some of the clothes do not require to be wash hard and need to be gently washed. So, as per the type of washing required, the cycle could be used for washing. If a normal cycle is required, then one should go for the normal one in which clothes are washed with high speed, and most sturdy types of fabric could be washed in it. Some of the clothes are not closely woven that need to be washed in the slow cycle. Depending on the brand of the machine, these options vary, so one needs to choose the best option as per the clothes need to wash.

Fabric cleaning agents

There are different types of clothes, and with that, the requirement of different cleaning agents is there. If there are woolen clothes, then it is required to have a soft fabric cleaning agent. On the other hand, if the clothes are sturdy, then the detergent is required to clean the clothes. Depending upon the level up to which the clothes have been there in the machine, the cleaning agents need to be filled into the machine.

Fabric softener

In some of the brands, there is an option of putting fabric softener in it. This protects the clothes from getting destroyed due to the harmful effects of the cleaning agent.

Filling of water

After putting the clothes and the cleaning agent into the allotted slot, then the water tap needs to be open. The machine will fill the water, which is required as per the clothes which are kept in the washing machine for washing. Once the water is filled, the lid should be closed and then hit the button for washing.

The washing machine is a huge help as washing the clothes manually is a tedious and tiring task. With this, the clothes get clean and that too without much effort.


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