It appears Mr. Beast wants the Twitter CEO vacant position Elon Musk is offering

Elon Musk took a few days to respond to his own poll but he finally announced he will abide by the results. Suddenly, many different names have popped up as possible candidates to take on the Twitter CEO role that Musk is leaving vacant. One of these names is Snoop Dogg, which seems like a reach. However, there is one name who suddenly became the very first option for many due to his background. We are talking about the most followed Youtuber in the world, his online name is Mr. Beast.

During the last few days, Mr. Beast publicly challenged one of Twitter’s latest policies against Elon with a tweet directly on his profile. Musk decided to forbid users from promoting other social media platforms in any way. Mr. Beast immediately responded to it by telling him he should step down if he continues with such divisive practices. After that, Musk responded to another tweet from Mr. Beast that came in the form of a question. He flat out asked Elon if he could run Twitter as the new CEO. Their exchange may surprise many.

Can Mr. Beast actually run Twitter?

Now that he became the top option to become Twitter’s CEO, we need to take a closer look at his credentials. As a creator and CEO, Mr. Beast runs the Youtube channel with the most subscribers in the world. He currently boasts 122 million subscribers in a channel that posts the wildest videos of challenges and numerous charity events. The famous Youtuber comes up with a crazy idea and doesn’t mind spending almost all his money to create these videos. Many of them have hundreds of millions of views, per video!

In terms of success and tech savvy, Mr. Beast fits the profile perfectly. What about his political views and likeability? Well, Mr. Beast has made it his mission to always create content that appeals to all sides of the political spectrum. This has given him a likeability rate that ranks well amongst everybody. Elon Musk has been a polarizing figure from day one since he took over Twitter. His alleged war against ‘the woke virus’ has forced many to bail on the platform entirely. Mr. Beast is one of the few candidates who can unite everybody through his activism. Would he make a good Twitter CEO?

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