‘It was crazy’: Neighbors react to shocking details revealed in affidavit

MOSCOW, Idaho — There is a sense of relief for those who live in the Moscow area, but also horror that this crime even happened. Now, everyone just wants justice for the victims.

“Your heart really goes out to all of them,” said Alan Kolok, a University of Idaho professor who lives near the crime scene.

Kolok is a father and has a 25-year-old son. He can’t imagine what it was like for the victim’s families when the killer was on the loose.

“That would be an absolutely horrendous place for a parent or family member to be,” Kolok said.

With the suspected murderer now in custody, neighbors are praising law enforcement.

“I was really relieved that they finally found someone, and it was crazy,” said Alexander Garey, who also lives near the home on King Road. “All the way over in Pennsylvania that they found them. It’s nice to know they were busy tracking the person. They tracked them all the way there.”

Newly released details in court documents also show how police tracked down a lot more crucial information, like DNA.

“That’s very compelling evidence,” Kolok said.

The path to justice is far from over though. With the legal process in Moscow just underway, neighbors know their community is changed forever.

“Like scars, it will heal over time, but the manifestation of it will always be there,” Kolok said.

As everyone mourns the loss of four beautiful lives and tries to understand the horror of that happened inside that off-campus home, they’re trusting who’s responsible is held accountable.

“I just want justice to be served,” Garey said.

In the weeks it took police to track down and arrest a suspect, neighbors say having Idaho State Police all over campus helped a lot.

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