Kanye West Shows Yeezy Employees Explicit Video of Kim Kardashian Playing Them His Own Sex Tapes: Rolling Stone

Kanye West, the rapper now known as Ye, once showed Yeezy employees a candid video of his then-wife Kim Kardashian, Rolling Stone reports.

Rolling Stone spoke with more than two dozen former Yeezy and Adidas employees. Some of these employees described how, on multiple occasions, West showed them explicit photos of Kardashian.

One incident documented by Rolling Stone involved a 2018 meeting with Yeezy’s creative team. At that meeting, West showed an explicit video of Kardashian, according to a Rolling Stone interview with someone who said he had seen the video.

Rolling Stone reported that another such occasion in 2018 occurred during a meeting between West and an unnamed young creator in Chicago. The creator was meeting with West for a job interview and found West dancing to his own songs. The employee told Rolling Stone that West whipped out his phone and said, “My wife just sent me this.”

According to Creative, West showed him an intimate photo of Kardashian.

“It was very revealing and personal. I didn’t really react,” said the creator.

Rolling Stone also reported on other incidents where West played por* — not including the Kardashians — in front of Yeezy collaborators.

A Yeezy collaborator told Rolling Stone West that he showed him an explicit video of por* star Francesca Le engaging in a sexual act with another woman. The man was describing what he was asked to look at on the rapper’s laptop screen during their meeting at their West Hollywood Hills home, where they were supposed to discuss a potential project.

“It’s like, ‘What do you think of that?'” “Don’t laugh at all,” the creator told Rolling Stone.

The media outlet also spoke to two other designers, one of whom worked with West during the early days of Yeezy, who said West once showed them amateur por* videos of him having sex with women.


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