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Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s wife is subject to strict rules

Have you ever heard of the name “Ri Sol Joe” before? If you have not heard of it, do not be alarmed, dear reader, because most of the inhabitants of the earth have never heard of it, even though it is the name of the wife of one of the leaders of countries that are most controversial and interesting alike.

Almost no one knows anything about the North Korean leader’s wife (Kim Jong Un), and there is a reason, or rather many reasons, that justify it. Continue with us reading this article on our website «Your income to know» to learn about these reasons, as well as the strict rules that the wife of the North Korean leader must obey and follow by force of law.

1-Her real name:

كيم جونغ أون رفقة زوجته ري صول جو. صورة: KCNA/Reuters

(Kim Jong Un) rules North Korea with an iron fist, and his wife is no exception to this fist, which must have been aware that in order to be presented to the world as the wife of one of the world’s most terrifying leaders whose life is surrounded by a kind of absolute secrecy. In the contemporary age, she must introduce some changes to her life in order to suit her new position and position, and for her this change meant a whole new identity, starting with her real name.

Some analysts and experts believe that the name (Ri Sol Joe) is nothing but a pseudonym, which was invented by the ruling party in order to prevent anyone from knowing anything about the family relations of the ruler’s wife or any other information that may be very important.

Nor is this the first time this has happened to the first lady of North Korea, as even Kim Jong Un’s mother, Ko Yong Hui, who was never introduced to the world, was identified on one occasion in an official documentary from the channel’s release. The Korean government is described as “the mother of the Great Army of the First Korea” under the name (Ri Eun-sil). So the North Korean first lady’s name change may have been the norm.

2-Her past:

ري صول جو عندما كانت مشجعة.

As a member of North Korea’s elite society and its officials, Ri Sol-gu is expected to represent the country’s best side, whether to the eyes of its citizens or the outside world. So in a country that prefers military might over anything else, the fact that you have a past as a popular performer is not something you should be proud of.

In fact, (Ri Sol-Ju) was previously part of a cheerleader team to support the North Korean national team, and there are also pictures of her while she was part of the cheerleading team that accompanied the North Korean soccer team to China in 2005.

At the same time, she was a very successful singer within the (Eun Ha Soo) orchestra, and it is also believed that she studied singing in China and performed some performances in South Korea.

It is also believed that she met the Korean leader (Kim Jong Un) after she was intrigued when she performed a special singing show for the ruling elite, but despite their shared love of music, this remains a reality that the Korean leader does not want the world to know.

It is said that at the behest of Kim Jong Un, senior North Korean officials are trying to erase his wife’s past as a former singer at any cost, by confiscating the CDs and all USB devices containing audio files of her singing performances from citizens.

Another report stated that 9 musicians within the (Yeon Ha Soo) orchestra were executed after a scandal surrounding them so as not to have any connection with the North Korean ruler’s wife.

3-Carry it:

امرأة حامل

In Korean culture, announcing pregnancy means exempting women from many duties, so they are not supposed to work at all, even light exercise is looked upon with disapproval, but for the next great mother to North Korea, this took this matter to completely other levels, where it disappeared (Ree John’s arrival completely from the media arena for several months without any explanation or explanation about the reason for this disappearance, which is what made many associate him with being pregnant.

On several occasions, others believed that she was at odds with (Kim Jong Un) and that he had locked her in the house as punishment for her. In the image below, which was taken on the anniversary of the death of (Kim Jong-il) in 2012, an event that every high-ranking official must attend regardless of circumstances. Analysts discovered how the size of (Ri Sol Joon) has increased significantly after it appeared after A 50-day disappearance, as it became apparent that she was pregnant even though she had made an effort to hide the matter.

(ري صول جو) في ذكرى وفاة (كيم جونغ إيل).

Then, in March of 2013, former NBA player (Dennis Rodman) and a close friend of (Kim Jong Un) stated that he met the new baby girl of the Korean leader and his wife (Ri Sol Joon), whom he said they called (Jo A) .

Some estimates based on official reports also stated that Rei had also given birth to another baby in 2010 and another around February 2017, after she was absent from the scene for seven months without explanation.

Although the ruling party did not endorse any of the previous theories nor confirm anything that was said, these repeated and prolonged absences of the North Korean first lady may have different goals, such as protecting the ideal image of the ruling party by preserving the life of (Kim Jong Un). Private ownership is kept secret from the rest of the world.

4-Her Sons:

كيم جونغ أون.
KCNA via Reuters

You may have noticed now, dear reader, that North Korea has been under the rule of the same family for 3 generations since its foundation, and that is not just a coincidence, but rather what the law of the country dictates.

The ruling Kim dynasty operates according to a ruling principle called “The Ten Principles for Establishing an Integrated Ideological System”, which dictates that the party’s representation must be eternal by the (Baidko) dynasty, which is the dynasty of the (Kim) family, which means that the (Kim) clan She is the one who takes over the rule of the state forever, as the rule is inherited from father to grandfather provided that the heir is a male son, so the duty to give birth to a male legal heir to rule North Korea rests with (Ri Sol Joo).

It is now believed that both of her two sons from 2010 and 2013 are two daughters, and although Korean families are authorized to have two sons only, their son from the year 2017, which has been surrounded by a lot of speculation, may be an attempt by her to stabilize her foot alongside (Kim Jong Un), Because just because she is his wife does not mean that if she does not provide what she must provide, she or her family will not have any consequences.

It may be similar to that of the leader’s brother (Kim Jong Nam), who is widely believed to have been assassinated by the ruling party in 2017, or similar to that of his uncle (Jiang Song-taek) who was executed on the order of (Kim Jong Un) in 2013.

5-Its competitors:

(هيون سونغ وال)

Although infidelity or polygamy is totally forbidden by law in North Korea, it is common for leaders and leaders there to make mistresses from time to time, so if Ri Sol Joo is not able to produce a male heir to Kim Jong On, she would also not be able to stop her husband from looking elsewhere for his misfortune. In fact, (Kim Jong Un) himself was the son of one of his father’s many wives. For a party leader, it is not just the birth of a male boy to inherit power that really matters, but the birth of a suitable heir.

You may be surprised, dear reader, to know that (Kim Jong Un) is not the eldest son among his siblings when he was declared a successor to his father, but rather he was chosen as the most appropriate and best to assume this role, and thus the rule of power overtook his two older brothers to be his share. What’s really interesting is that a former mistress of Kim Jong Un, Hyun Sung Wal, was recently promoted to the position of a member of the Workers’ Party Central Committee, and she even escorted Kim to China on a business trip.

6-Her divorce:

While it is possible for (Kim Jong Un) to circumvent and circumvent the law regarding polygamy or partners, it is impossible for his wife (Ri Sol Joo) to request or obtain a divorce, since one of North Korea’s strange laws specifically states that Divorce is forbidden in the country and is only granted if infidelity is proven, which is impossible for anyone to prove against (Kim Jong Un). Divorce is prohibited in all other cases in which the spouses may wish to terminate their marriage, in the form of ongoing disputes or until domestic violence has been proven.

7-Her marriage:

كيم جونغ أون وزوجته.
Getty Image

Marriage is not always about love, and sometimes marriage is necessary in order to strengthen one’s political relations. As for the ruling Kim dynasty, it is common for the father and ruler to carefully choose a wife for his son and succeed him after him, and it is believed that (Ri Sol-ju) was chosen by Kim Jong-il before his death.

It is believed that the marriage of (Kim Jong Un) and (Ri Sol-ju) was arranged in 2009 after the then ruler of the country (Kim Jong-il) suffered a severe heart attack in 2008, and because he felt that his death was inevitably near, he was determined On choosing a wife for his successor (Kim Jong Un), and his choice fell on (Ri Sol Joo).

Based on her family’s history, it is possible that Ri Sol-ju is related to Ri Byung Chao, a former member of the military and a loyal member of the ruling party, who rose to the ranks with unusual speed under suspicious circumstances shortly after Kim Jong-un’s marriage. B (Ri Sol Joe)

8-Her daughter-in-law (her sister-in-law):

Despite being North Korea’s first lady, Ri Sol-ju is a far cry from being the most powerful woman in the country, as this title goes to her daughter-in-law (Kim Yoo Jung). She is the youngest of her brothers and sisters, but at the same time the most stringent and tough, which makes her the right person for the position of deputy director of propaganda in the country. Kim Yoo Jong is also considered a trusted advisor to her brother (Kim Jong Un), and is responsible for monitoring who can meet or reach her brother, what they say to him, and the documents he receives.

Compared to the granddaughter of the eternal leader of the ruling Kim dynasty, Ri Sol-gu can be considered a commoner, and just like the rest, she should have absolute respect for her. Current reports indicate that the relationship between the two is very friendly and good, and that they combine their influence with each other in order to improve Kim’s political appearance around the world. Another piece of information that everything Ri Sol Joo wears and presents when appearing in public must be approved by (Kim Yoo Jung), her daughter-in-law and her sister-in-law.

9-Public appearances:

كيم جونغ أون وزوجته.

Wives of heads of state and nation leaders can be easily spotted on news sites or social media sites while they are promoting their own business or performing some work related to charitable causes, which cannot be expected from the first lady in North Korea (Ri Sol Joo), and this is not only because the country is Its citizens are not allowed to access the Internet or social media sites.

Ri can only appear in public if she is accompanied by her husband (Kim Jong Un), since since she was announced as the wife of (Kim Jong Un) in 2011, she has no longer any photos or videos in which she appears alone in Whatever happened.

Experts and analysts believe that her public appearance is carefully determined and planned by the Office of Propaganda in order to improve the image of (Kim Jong Un) only so as not to steal the spotlight from him if she has a beautiful personality.

It is worth noting that all the photos that are published and officially released by the North Korean government are carefully scanned by the intelligence service, which deletes all the pictures that the photographers have taken and that the world does not want to see.

So, very few pictures that show (Ri Sol-ju) alone have been published and released by the North Korean government for a specific reason, which is to serve the image and general view of leader (Kim Jong-un), and to reduce its role in the ruling (Kim) dynasty just as an accessory The propaganda is only malicious, as it only waving and smiling in front of the camera lenses.

10-Her clothing :

ري صول جو ترتدي دبوساً لا يحمل صورة والد (كيم جونغ أون) وجده مثلما يملي به القانون.

The distinctive appearances and costumes of the wives of state leaders may make them historical icons, such as (Jackie Onassis), the wife of former US President (John Kennedy), who was considered at the time an icon of fashion and elegance, but in North Korea, the fashion and sense of fashion have a deeper meaning.

The ruling party in North Korea has been fighting everything related to Western culture and its influence to the point that there are laws governing the clothes one should wear and the clothes one should avoid.

Apparently, (Re Sol Joe) represents an exception to this rule, as it continues to violate this law by wearing Western clothes clearly, as it has been observed in many photos carrying handbags from international brands such as (Coco Chanel) and (Christian Dior) And the pin that she wears on her coat or sweater bears a different shape each time, unlike all North Korean citizens, who are forced by law to wear a pin bearing the picture (Kim Jong Il) and his father before him, the founder of North Korea, as soon as they reach Sixteen years of age.

You might think, dear reader, that (Ri Sol-Go) risks her life and her position by doing this, but experts and analysts confirm that this is something planned by the Propaganda Office to show North Korea with a kind of new openness to Western culture, no more.

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