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FIRST LAW: Discovery of enrichment. The restrictions of attractive enrichment idle in each typical individual arise just through delayed exertion in the way of life of attraction.

SECOND LAW: Difficult climate. Attraction creates in direct extent to the trouble of climate.

THIRD LAW: Magnetic goal. Attraction advances exclusively through duplication of enrichment into climate by the tireless attractive goal.

FOURTH LAW: Free change. The way of life of attraction importantly requests that focal change of oneself to all forces which acknowledges in outright clairvoyant opportunity.

FIFTH LAW: Concentration. The attractive increase of enrichment into climate is simply conceivable to serious, diligent and bound together fixation to the techniques for Success-Magnetism.

6th LAW: Purpose-standards. Development of noblest attraction depends, in the bigger sense, upon general adherence to a solitary, transcendent, ideal life-reason, and, in the specific, endless supply of the person in concentrated on attractive direct identified with that end.

SEVENTH LAW: Receptivity. The most noteworthy attraction acknowledges through attractive laws in extent as the internal identity keeps up with ready receptivity to the Universal Forces.

EIGHTH LAW: Demand. The quiet, tenacious interest of the self upon the Universal Magnetism makes it a middle toward which the Forces normally float.

10th LAW: Affirmation. Persistent, extraordinary attestation of real had attractive force animates the achievement components, keeps up with receptivity, accentuates request, fits and strengthens internal etheric vibrations, and prompts a positive development of the all inclusive ether and its powers internal toward the focal self.

10th LAW: Psychic energy. All close to home attraction includes mystic energy created and coordinated by attractive expectation.

11th LAW: Self-control. Attractive energy concentrates through mystic control of its inclinations.

TWELFTH LAW: Magnetic quality. The internal clairvoyant demeanor the personality of attractive goal decides the quality and viability of the work to duplicate gift into climate, and, along these lines, the sort and level of attraction achieved.

THIRTEENTH LAW: Self-valuation. Taking everything into account, attraction unfurls as satisfying, yet unostentatious, self-valuation creates.

FOURTEENTH LAW: Use of self. Under adjustment to other attractive laws, the most elevated attraction issues just from the consistent best utilization of self at its best to the greatest benefit.

FIFTEENTH LAW: Magnetic chivalry. Self-centeredness, protest, and every single fellow state, confound, debilitate and squander each assortment of attractive force, while chivalrous acknowledgment of conditions for their improvement, and gutsy declaration of self as expert, moderate and massively foster the noblest attraction in relation to the influence of the attractive goal.

SIXTEENTH LAW: Action and response. Most noteworthy attraction includes concentrated on development, however, also, the attractive usage of invigorating responses initiated by clever work.

SEVENTEENTH LAW: Recovery. Whoever, every so often of any mystic (attractive) disappointment or rout, commits the entire of excited urgency to recuperation of ground, faultlessly prompts a pressure in the etheric life around him which eventually attracts to his guide, with the onsweep of universes, the Universal Forces.

EIGHTEENTH LAW: Reproduction. “Everything is communicated, everything is changed, everything is replicated” (Ochorowicz); in physical and clairvoyant wellbeing alone, subsequently, are the Universal Forces sent through wonderful etheric vibrations, changed through powerful etheric conduction, and repeated in attraction by satisfactory and agreeable mystic control of etheric abilities.

NINETEENTH LAW: Superiority of culture. The unrefined upsides of regular attraction, the programmed elements of oblivious attraction, exhibit at their best exclusively as they peak in full cognizant attractive culture.

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