Llívia, a Spanish City Landlocked by France

1223 meters above ocean level, Llívia is away from Spain, isolated by a 2 km passage, and is an area in France. Llivia interfaces with Puigcerdá, the closest Spanish town by the N-154. You can make a road trip from Perpignan, France.

Throughout our late spring occasion in French Pyrenees, we went there in the late evening, in the wake of visiting Andorra. The whole town looked so tranquil. Nonetheless, it was an unfriendly territory many years back since there used to have questions among France and Spain.

  • For what reason is the town an area in France?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of being an area
  • Touring in Llívia
  • The Bernat de So tower
  • All year exercises in Llívia

For what reason is the town a territory in France?

منازل جديدة على أطراف مدينة Llívia الإسبانية.

Llívia was the antiquated capital of Cerdanya until the early Middle Ages. In 1659, following quite a while of war, the Treaty of the Pyrenees, endorsed between Louis XIV of France and Philip IV of Spain, surrendered the comarques of Roussillon, Conflent, Capcir, Vallespir, and northern Cerdanya (“Cerdagne”) to the French realm. As per the deal, just towns ought to have a place with France. Thusly, as the notable capital of Cerdanya, Llívia remained part of Spain since the deal accidentally avoided Llívia.

The upsides and downsides of being a territory

مطعم محلي في مركز Llívia.

Being a landlocked town, Llívia had a few questions with France, especially about transport and water. Its water supply was risky. The French got the water before Llívia, and they didn’t send it up the slope consistently. Now and then, the French even cut the water source off. In 1973, the two nations settled on an arrangement that permitted Llívia to associate with the third water source. In any case, because of the organization of Madrid, the two neighbors settled the water issue 49 years after the fact.

The vehicle debate was about the utilization of the street. Llivia is connected to the closest town in Spain, Puigcerdá, by the N-154. However, harking back to the 1980s, the French set up a stop sign at the boundary. At that point, Llívians took the stop-transfer ownership of. The activities were progressing and prompted the principle debate also. Presently the street is managed thus by France and by Spain, with a revolution of a half year each. You should know about the adjustment in as far as possible between the two nations.

In any case, Llívia had delighted in one monetary favorable position. Before the Euro time, the Spanish utilized pesetas, and France utilized Francs. French jumped at the chance to purchase things there in light of the low costs. Presently the two nations are in the Eurozone, and the favorable position is getting limited throughout the long term.

Touring in Llívia

الشارع الرئيسي في Llívia.

Llívia is very not the same as other Spanish towns in the Pyrenees. Houses look exceptionally stony. Generally, new and current structures are at the edge of the town, while some very much kept up old houses with newly painted screens are in the middle. In that sweltering summer evening, it was still time like hundreds of years back. Almost no one was out and about. Shops and numerous eateries were shut.

Gradually strolling up the slope, we saw the primary fascination, the Pharmacy Museum. Enlisted in1594, the drug store is one of the most seasoned in the whole of Europe.

Toward the start of the seventeenth century, the Pharmacy was controlled by the family Esteva. The Esteva had worked in the Pharmacy for seven ages until 1926 the last drug specialist shut the business. In 1965, Diputació de Girona purchased the Pharmacy and gave it to the town.

The drug store has a huge presentation of albarelli, a kind of fired container utilized in drug stores, just as old-fashioned medications, and important assortments of solution books in Europe.

The Bernat de So tower

قلعة Llívia في إسبانيا.

Inherent 1584-1585, the Bernat de So tower stands directly before the drug store. Its development was essential for contention with Puigcerdà. During the 1970s, all antiquities from the drug store moved to the pinnacle. Later in 1981, when the Municipal Museum opened, these ancient rarities turned out to be important for its assortment. The highest level used to be the workplaces of the Board of Trustees. In any case, these days, it has brief displays.

All year exercises in Llívia


One of its most realized social occasions is the Music Festival. The occasion holds in the Church of Our Lady of the Angels (Nostra Senyora dels Àngels).

In the late spring, open-air exercises, for example, climbing, cycling, swimming are accessible. In the colder time of year, the principal action is skiing. The closest skiing zone is around 30 minutes of driving.

From Llivia, it is conceivable to make an outing to one of the littlest mountain nations, Andorra.


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