Local art to brighten Good Shepherd residents’ rooms

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Colors swirling, sprialing and seamlessly blending together.

To look at painter Laura Andreini’s work is to see shades of color and emotion twirl together to create a portrait—which isn’t surprising given her past as a ballet dancer.

As a dancer, I loved movement. And when you paint with watercolors, the paint goes where the water is. So it moves. So every watercolor is different, every color is different, you can’t duplicate a watercolor.

Laura Andreini, Artist, painting donor

Every painting you see in this video—all 31 of them—were painted by Andreini over several decades and in different places.

But this week they will all find a home in the same building, at Wheeling’s Good Shepherd nursing home.

It was part of my personal collection, and my home is filled with more of my paintings, and I was organizing, and thought, ‘wow, I don’t want these to just sit here, I want to share them, and where can I share them?’

Laura Andreini, Artist, painting donor

She says the home was her first choice.

Andreini taught a tap dance class that performed for the nursing home community.
Her father-in-law came here after her mother-in-law passed away.
And every day her son Hugo touches the residents’ lives as a physical therapist on staff.

Her work will be hung in the rooms of those who could use a bit of that human touch.

Some of them have family across the country…and some have the Good Shepherd staff as their only family.

Their rooms will now contain a constant reminder of the people who can’t be there in the room with them—but care for them just the same.

We’re within a day or two of celebrating Christ’s birth, this will be a wonderful, wonderful Christmas present for our residents who are receiving them. They will be shocked, stunned and excited.

Donald Kirsch, Good Shepherd Administrator

Andreini says she didn’t paint any of these with the intention of displaying them here.

But just like the staff who check on the rooms and make food for the residents every day, she wanted to make a contribution…one fulfilling a spiritual need rather than something physical.

She says Kirsch then had the idea of putting them where they would be admired every day.

And that just, it really touched my heart because I thought, a piece of me will be here with them and maybe that will give them some degree of community or visitor.

Laura Andreini, Artist, painting donor

A reminder that the good shepherd does good for us and is always with us…whether we see it in a face-to-face connection or through a frame hung on our wall.

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