Netizens discuss IVE Yujin’s beauty in her latest ‘Clio’ CF

Netizens discuss IVE Yujin's beauty in her latest 'Clio' CF

On December 23, netizens discussed IVE member Yujin‘s ‘Clio‘ CF. In the photos, Yujin was seen with flawless skin, beautiful pink lips, and her signature crystal clear, puppy eyes. Many netizens couldn’t help but to express their awe at her upgraded beauty, which some credited to her decision to change her beauty salon.

Netizens discuss IVE Yujin's beauty in her latest 'Clio' CF

Netizens commented:

“I just like her existence. Ahn Yujin, please don’t ever get plastic surgery.”

“I feel so refreshed. TTTT. I love her crystal clear, fresh aura.”

“She definitely changed a lot after changing her beauty salon. Lately, the IVE members’ beauty seems to have upgraded significantly.”

“Crystal clear, puppy eyes. So cute.”

“I like Yujin so much TTTTTTT. Please only walk the path of a superstar.”

“Which salon did she switch to?”

“She really matches well with Clio. So frickin’ pretty.”

“Wow. So refreshing. Did they change [salons] since [promoting] ‘After Like’? During the stage performance where she had bangs was so frickin’ pretty.”

“So pretty, Yujin. TTTT.”

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