New york divorce lawyer for men

When you don’t want to be in your marriage, you don’t know where to turn. In New York, divorce laws used to require spouses to either commit adultery, abuse, or desertion. However, the rules were recently changed to allow for no-fault divorce, and thus couples can file an application to end their marriage due to the irreparable breakdown of the marriage.

If you are seeking a divorce in New York, you need an attorney who understands the procedures. Many New Yorkers make the mistake of hiring a family attorney who does not specialize in divorce cases. This is a bad decision for two reasons. First, because divorce and family law is a highly specialized area of ​​law that has its own court rules and procedures. A general practice attorney who does not handle many divorce cases will not be equipped to represent you effectively. Second, you should keep in mind that the outcome of the divorce case will affect your life for a long period of time permanently.

How a New York Divorce Lawyer Can Work for You

When you are in a divorce case, there are many complex issues at hand. Your attorney will need to help you sort through several financial documents to ensure that the settlement, alimony, child support, and property division are fair. These issues will affect your financial and personal future significantly, so you should only entrust your case to an attorney with a proven track record of representing New Yorkers in their divorce cases.

At our firm, our lawyers understand how difficult this process can be. When you’re trying to support your children, keep your job, and divorce at the same time, it can be difficult to try and deal with the legal pressures on you. Aggressive and experienced New York divorce attorneys will fight for your rights, and will work with your spouse or spouse’s attorney so you can focus on living your life and moving forward.

Divorces for men require special skills

While a court is not supposed to take the gender of a parent or spouse into account when considering division of assets or child custody, any man going through a divorce knows that there is still a great deal of prejudice against men in family courts and in society. If you are divorced, you need a lawyer who knows how to get around this fact and make sure that any amount you pay is fair. Don’t be the guy who stumbles on a lot of alimony, never sees his kids while his ex works under the table and doesn’t report any income to her.

At our company, we will work tirelessly to protect your rights during the divorce process. When are we sure that all income is disclosed on the other side, and we will pressure the other party to make sure that they cooperate in the divorce process. If you get a divorce, you should trust your future only to an experienced divorce attorney in New York. Contact our offices today to talk about how we can help you.


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