Noom markets psychology-driven weight-loss– however former workers say they were unprepared for and overwhelmed by customers’ eating disorders, anxiety, and also injury

Over one weekend break in 2014, as the vacations came close to, a customer of the popular weight reduction application Noom sent out a series of disconcerting messages through the solution’s chat feature.

The individual, in his mid-50s, explained himself as an expert with post-traumatic stress disorder and also a father of three children, according to the Noom “goal professional,” or train, designated to him. He was revealing suicidal thoughts, which appeared to coincide with the coming vacations as well as pandemic-related isolation and stress. In one message, he covered “intending to step off this ride.”

The trainer– whose job was to respond to individuals’ questions regarding Noom’s program and send positive missives like “Stay with it!”– didn’t see the messages until they visited on Monday.

” When I didn’t react over the weekend break, he asked why I had actually abandoned him,” the trainer, who has since left the firm, told. “I really felt so dreadful that I couldn’t do more, yet I wasn’t qualified to do anything however send a self-destruction hotline resource as well as motivate him to connect to a specialist.”

According to Noom’s protocols, the case was handed down to a group that examines whether individuals need to be started the platform, as well as the instructor was told to guide the customer to a self-destruction hotline as well as encourage him to talk to his psychiatrist. He replied that he was really feeling extra steady.

The man was permitted to remain on the application, however, as well as at some point, he quit replying to messages. The train never ever figured out what happened to him as well as claims the experience was intense as well as psychologically difficult.

The trainer did not have accessibility to the chat logs and has no way of reaching the customer or confirming the train’s account. However 13 former Noom trains and also coaching managers who talked to state the trainer’s story is consistent with their experiences benefiting the service. They described at least 7 incidents where they or their colleagues flagged customers endangering suicide. (The identities of trains talked to are understood, yet most of them asked to stay confidential to secure their professions.).

‘ Easy access to a much healthier life’.

With its tagline, “Quit weight loss. Obtain long-lasting outcomes,” Noom frames itself as using psychology to attend to the root causes of weight gain, assisting customers slim down, long-lasting, by reframing their assuming around food as well as eating habits.

” When it involves slimming down, it’s psychological,” Noom says in one ad, which includes a guy that scratches every morsel from his plate. The man is after that moved back to the table of his childhood, throughout from a strict father figure, so he can link the dots: “I have actually been conditioned to clean my plate because childhood years!”.

Yet it’s not clear how Noom assists its users achieve innovations, like linking a current actions to youth injury, or how users can compare harmful routines and, claim, metabolic reasons for their hungers.

What is clear, according to interviews with more than 30 people, including former trains, in addition to various other former staff members, customers as well as experts, is that Noom drew in individuals who seemed experiencing depression, eating disorders, as well as various other severe mental wellness conditions, and understood Noom’s “psychology-based” offerings to be something like treatment. While Noom doesn’t promote therapeutic services or eating problem therapy, its emphasis on psychology and also mental wellness can make it hard to discriminate. Noom’s trains, that did not have the credentials, prep work, and training to be psychological therapists, commonly found themselves working with clients that showed facility as well as often frightening actions.

As the firm’s development accelerated amidst the COVID lockdowns of early 2020, a substantial uptick in customers placed substantial pressure on Noom’s coaching team.

” Instructors may too be therapists without licensure,” one former coach and task supervisor told. “It resembled crowdsourced treatment.”.

Noom markets psychology-driven weight-loss-- however former workers say they were unprepared for and overwhelmed by customers' eating disorders, anxiety, and also injury
Shoppers at a San Francisco Costco are seen in 2020, stocking up on toilet paper and non-perishable foods. 
Liu Guanguan/China News Service via Getty Images

In response to a breakdown of questions from Expert concerning Noom’s advertising, safety and security protocols, as well as training, a Noom speaker gave this statement:.

” Noom has actually aided millions accomplish their personal health and wellness and also wellness goals making use of behavioral science strategies. It is exceptionally important to us that every Noom customer has a secure as well as fulfilling experience as we constantly develop as well as enhance our platform by including user comments as well as input from credentialed professionals,” the statement stated. “We have robust processes as well as safeguards in place to secure the safety of our customers, such as preventing at-risk people from signing up with the program and using a team of clinical experts who are gotten in touch with upon signs of harmful behavior.”.

Noom was co-founded in 2008 by Saeju Jeong, a business owner who studied electric design, as well as Artem Petakov, a former Google software application designer. They spent a decade looking for a hit. A stationary bicycle electronic interface (that could today bring the success of Peloton to mind) never caught on. An electronic fitness tracker that included an action counter and food journal couldn’t preserve individuals and folded up.

However the Noom Fat burning application was a victor. In 2017, it came to be the first virtual program to be recognized by the CDC as an evidence-based program to aid prevent diabetes mellitus, based on information that up to 64% of Noom users lost a minimum of 5% of their body weight. By 2018, it was among the most-searched diet plans, according to Google, after the low-carb keto diet plan as well as the celebrity Dubrow diet plan, as well as preserved its top-10 place via 2020.

In September 2019, Noom revealed that tennis fantastic Serena Williams had purchased the app. “I’m a true believer that every person should have simple accessibility to a healthier life,” she claimed in Noom’s news release.

In an age of growing disillusionment with juice cleanses and also low-fat everything, Noom’s success seemed counterproductive. By pitching itself as something different from a diet plan as well as promising that lasting weight management and also mental health could be within reach, Noom handled to benefit both from the backlash against diet society as well as expanding awareness about the benefits of treatment, which can set you back thousands of dollars a hr. For $60 a month— the cost differs based upon the length of a subscription– Noom assured innovations at a relatively budget-friendly rate.

‘ Exactly how would you like to feel this month?’.

Before joining Noom, individuals complete a set of questions inquiring about what diet plan programs or mental wellness applications they’ve made use of in the past. “What sensations are you intending to accomplish throughout your journey with Noom?”, the application would like to know.

Noom’s advertising recommends a personalized program, yet all individuals are provided a basic set of devices. For the first 16 weeks, they’re urged to adhere to Noom’s curriculum and also view a quick video lesson daily. These variety from goal setting to brief explainers on thought distortions, patterns of overstated reasoning that exacerbate stress and anxiety and stress and anxiety, as well as psychological eating. The app likewise includes a step counter as well as food tracker, which categorizes foods based on calorie density.

In the sign-up process, prospective individuals are asked if they have an “active medical diagnosis of an eating disorder.” Addressing “yes” raises a box that reads, “Noom is not presently created to sustain those with an active eating disorder.” However, “yes” does not close users out of the signup process, and also it’s feasible to change the response to “no” as well as continue.

Noom’s signature offering has been its objective specialists, or trainers– genuine individuals with knowledge in physical fitness, nutrition, wellness, or psychology, that offer regular support.

Trains said they were given client rosters that varied in dimension relying on the moment of year, and they were anticipated to send out a particular number of messages per hour via Noom’s chat function. At Noom’s height, instructors were handling 300-400 individuals at once, and also 600 or more during the January high period.

Trains would reach out to users to ask, “How would certainly you such as to feel this month?” or urging them to “Remember your big picture!” They additionally responded to messages from customers that showed up in the chat. Noom gave trainers triggers for “inspirational speaking with”– a collection of inquiries to help assist a customer towards the best course of action.

Much of the inquiries were simple, like questions concerning Noom’s curriculum, former trains said. But various other messages could be deeply personal. Some individuals defined the trivial matters of their every day lives and shared intimate details concerning themselves.

Frequently, individuals treated the chat function like immediate carrier and seemed to anticipate immediate interaction as well as empathetic feedbacks. There’s no limit to the number of messages a user can send and messages could add up to web pages of text. When customers’ free-flowing messaging styles were met with the robotic tempo of motivational interviewing, or didn’t obtain a quick feedback, individuals would certainly grow frustrated and also snap.

The parameters of customer and trainer interactions are set out on Noom’s frequently asked question page. But getting there requires users to click with to “Assistance” and then “My program.” It claims that trains are there to help with accountability as well as to support individuals’ details requirements. It also states that instructors will check in regular, throughout basic organization hrs, which it can use up to two service days to reply to a user. “With each other, you can discuss the highs and lows of your week and also adjust your goals if required,” the web page checks out.

Based upon the number of Noom individuals who took place social media to whine concerning their interactions with trains, the typically common tone and also the wait time of responses came as a shock to several users.

” I’m like being legitimate vulnerable to my instructor, only to be met some Disney Network kind of power. Very excessively confident and also delighted, does not acknowledge what I’m actually saying,” one Noom user created on Reddit. “What I desired was some kind of recognition, a lot of what I message is overlooked.”.

Noom trainers stated they battled to establish guideline and also assumptions when they connected with customers– a process in therapy that’s called “establishing extent.”.

Some faulted the application’s advertising and also user interface as well as felt it distorted users’ expectations, making it vague what the solution required. Noom’s instruction that staff members express an “unconditional positive regard” for its individuals made it challenging to be straight or established ideal borders with customers, previous trainers stated.

” You’re fat and also you’re awful, exactly how can you assist me?”, one coach was informed by an individual, according to that train’s former manager. (Instructors’ pictures showed up on Noom’s chat feature.).

” Among the growing discomforts was that they didn’t standardize support,” said the former manager, who worked at Noom from 2019 to May 2022. “It was a fast-paced atmosphere. And, as it scaled up, instead of just dealing with one jerk, maybe you’re managing 30 jerks.”.

Noom markets psychology-driven weight-loss-- however former workers say they were unprepared for and overwhelmed by customers' eating disorders, anxiety, and also injury
A display of weight loss products at a Walgreens pharmacy in Miami Beach, Florida. 
Jeffrey Greenberg/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

In its job ads for trains, Noom stated prospects should want to “pilot experimental mentoring procedures” as well as help “prevent or manage persistent conditions by facilitating healthy lifestyle modifications.” The ads asked for a bachelor’s level or an associate’s level with relevant experience.

In addition to recent bachelor-of-science graduates in nutrition as well as workout science, the mentoring team included counselors as well as dietitians with years of expert experience. According to meetings with former trainers and a wage sharing document put together by workers and seen by Expert, Noom trainers’ pay began at $37,500 and differed extensively, approximately regarding $46,000.

The experience that coaches brought to the work could differ extensively. That variety of experience was often seen as a strength, as well as previous coaches said depended on associates to help them work through services for their customers. Yet the disadvantage was incongruity. A Noom customer could be appointed to a veteran psycho therapist that was skilled at working through undesirable habits, or an environment-friendly 20-something with much less job experience.

Coaches got some training at the beginning and supplemental training was provided on a recurring basis. Some of the coaches Expert talked to claimed they were interacting with Noom users within two weeks of starting. Within a month, they were primarily by themselves with customers.

Depending on when an instructor started– for example, pre-COVID or after– the material of the training differed commonly, as did the experience of the fitness instructors, previous coaches said. The regular part of the training concentrated on Noom as an item. But trains claimed their training left them ill-prepared to handle the uncertain sides of training, like indicators of an eating disorder or major anxiety.

Noom employs, in addition to trains, experts with mental wellness credentials, consisting of a principal of psychology. But coaches who talked to claimed it had not been always clear just how they might access those sources.

A former train with a masters degree in counseling and also professional psychology experience claimed that her experience of the training was that it was “terribly orchestrated as well as extremely done.”.

” It still feels like the starting phases of a suggestion as well as not very based in scientific research,” the previous trainer stated.

Emotional data transfer.

Rachel Clair was worked with as a Noom trainer in 2018, each time when the coaching team grew from 60 to about 200. She had a PhD in wellness psychology. As well as, for a while, she stated it was a wonderful area to function.

The job permitted Clair to work from another location– a family member rarity before COVID– and also she might select her own hours. (Clair claimed she undertook therapy for cancer cells while benefiting Noom, as well as had the ability to obtain enough time off for her healthcare without losing pay.).

Like other instructors Expert talked to, she became worried that Noom customers were hyper-focused “on the range and also calories” while Noom wasn’t equipped to treat disordered consuming.

Then came March 2020, as well as the COVID lockdowns. All of a sudden, whatever from job to college to treatment browsed the web. For some, the lockdowns were a reason to come to be an electronic nomad, or a master sourdough baker.

For others, the mix of isolation, anxiousness, and being cooped with a stockpile of packaged foods made the pandemic distinctively activating for disordered consuming, according to specialists. Anxiety and also anxiety increased by 25% globally, according to the Globe Health Company. Eating disorder detects surged by a startling rate, and hospitalizations for consuming conditions rose at virtually 10 times the speed of the previous 2 years amongst young people, a current research discovered.

Noom ended up being a common marketer on an excessive range of brand-new podcasts (more than 300, according to Noom’s web site), supplying easy solutions to the stress-eating and also pandemic weight gain from the benefit of a solitary application. Along with companies like Peloton and also TalkSpace, Noom garnered media buzz as a pandemic success tale.

Noom markets psychology-driven weight-loss-- however former workers say they were unprepared for and overwhelmed by customers' eating disorders, anxiety, and also injury
Shoppers stocking up on staples like toilet paper and canned goods at a Massachusetts Costco on March 13, 2020, in the early days of the COVID pandemic. 
John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Noom virtually doubled its revenue from $237 million to $400 million in 2020, according to Inc. It revealed a $540 million investment from Silver Lake the following springtime. According to TechCrunch, it had an estimated 45 million downloads across 100 countries. (Noom decreased to disclose its user numbers.) Valued at more than $3 billion, the company was expecting a hotly-anticipated IPO.

However while the pandemic increased Noom’s growth, instructors said they were flooded with massive caseloads, forcing them to juggle thousands of users, a few of whose messages were progressively weighted with sorrow, anxiety, and also anxiety. “We had customers who had liked ones passing away during COVID, customers have gotten cancer medical diagnoses,” the previous trainer with a counseling level stated.

Meanwhile, they said they were under pressure to hit efficiency targets that included how many messages they sent per hr, how many customers they interacted with daily, as well as their reaction times.

By January 2021, Clair had ended up being a coaching supervisor, and also she claimed that the trainers she supervised had “less than 5 minutes” a day to focus on each client. Throughout that time, she was a manager on two instances entailing suicidal ideation.

Noom’s growth had both significantly raised what trains were asked to do, as well as extended whatever support was offered to help them.

” They appeared to stop respecting the trains as well as started appreciating the numbers, and that flowed down to the users,” Clair stated. “Trainers put their heart and soul into it yet when they can’t look after themselves, they do not have the psychological transmission capacity to assist customers.”.

Clair left the firm in June 2021 as well as currently works as an independent ghostwriter. “I was wearing out as well. I could not do my task and I could not take the tension any longer,” she said.

Noom markets psychology-driven weight-loss-- however former workers say they were unprepared for and overwhelmed by customers' eating disorders, anxiety, and also injury
A Gold’s Gym in East Northport, New York, during COVID-19 shutdown in August 2020. 
J. Conrad Williams Jr./Newsday via Getty Images

Another train, a recent college graduate with a degree in area wellness, described a comparable trajectory. When she started, in 2018, she appreciated Noom’s energised as well as versatile job society, and also felt she might do some great.

However soon her training job felt more comparable to a therapist, injury therapist, or nutritional expert. She stressed she may be doing more harm than good.

” A majority of my discussions would certainly be with people plainly in a very undesirable connection with food and their bodies,” she stated.

Three years after beginning at Noom, she took another job and also left. She and several previous trainers told Expert they sought a profession in nutrition counseling due to the fact that they had actually previously managed disordered eating themselves.

In addition to seeming like she was falling short as an instructor, she claimed she was significantly caused by her own problems with food and also weight loss.

STING: A safeguard with holes.

In a normal treatment or therapy scenario, a medical professional consults with a customer to determine their requirements prior to enlisting them in a program. The medical professional might figure out that the customer is not an excellent fit and also describe more customized or intensive care. But Noom does marginal screening, and asks simply one inquiry during sign-up to flag for consuming problems. Rather, according to previous workers and also some movie critics, Noom greatly puts the onus on its instructors.

According to firm training records seen by Expert, trains who came across risky users were told to refer those situations to STING– “Support for Those Seeking Advice”– as well as there would certainly be a follow-up through Zoom within 24-hour.

STING was made to establish whether customers ought to remain within the app, or should be eliminated for issues beyond the scope of what Noom is created to deal with, such as consuming conditions, significant mental or physical health and wellness issues or what Noom records call “off label” use the application as a substitute for treatment. Removal was a “last option,” the files claimed.

STING groups were made up of trainers who offered for the duties and weren’t paid additional for the time, in addition to a supervisor. Multiple ex-employees told Expert that their understanding was that taking on additional assignments such as this was essential if they wanted to obtain a raise or promotion.

Customers who reported self-harm or domestic abuse were instantly referred to STING, and presumed disordered eating actions, substance abuse, or clinical concerns might also bring about STING participation.

Once a situation is flagged, the STING group would deal with the coach to examine or de-escalating the scenario. If it’s established that the individual needs outside sources, like a suicide or consuming disorder hotline, that can be given. In many cases, however, the goal is to bring the customer “back into scope.”.

As one former employee that worked with STING explained it, the coach would replicate as well as paste the pertinent messages right into a conversation, as well as the STING team would supply help to redirect the discussion back to Noom’s curriculum. If this was successful, the Noom user was usually enabled to remain on the app.

That previous worker remembered working with several situations where individuals had actually told their trainers concerning experiences with sex-related physical violence, which they thought had actually resulted in useless eating habits. Even in those situations, STING’s goal would be to obtain the user back within the scope of Noom’s program. A common reaction might be: “It can be difficult to analyze feelings, previous events, and today. Would certainly it be valuable if I gave resources on psychological eating?”.

Coaches challenging disturbing messages from individuals might invest a stressful period waiting on a reaction from STING. If something turned up after typical working hrs or over the weekend break, the delay might stretch to 3 days. According to Noom’s training records, if specific risky actions were observed after 5 pm Eastern time, trains ought to wait until the following business day to report them. “Active removing … and also bulimia does call for escalation but does not need to be intensified after hrs,” the document says, without further description.

Noom markets psychology-driven weight-loss-- however former workers say they were unprepared for and overwhelmed by customers' eating disorders, anxiety, and also injury
A woman with a smartphone holds a K95 protective face mask. 
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

One instructor, a signed up dietitian, claimed that users might in some cases prevent being began the application by accompanying STING’s prompts as well as strolling back, or rejecting, whatever statements had been flagged.

The previous employee that worked with STING said one reason she left Noom was issue that customers the train believed ought to have been started the application had been permitted to stay. The trainer recalled, for example, one individual who seemed to existing signs of dissociative personality disorder, and reacted to messages with a childish persona.

” It was a moral issue,” they claimed. “They made a decision to progress with mentoring and also I really did not feel it was clinically appropriate.”.

Heather Clark, medical director of consuming condition treatment at the nonprofit Rock Recuperation, stated that in her estimation Noom’s processes don’t measure up to developed standards of take care of therapy as well as eating disorder recuperation, which she claimed is concerning even if Noom does not declare to supply those services.

” It’s a murky area that they’ve placed themselves in, where they’re stating that they’re psychology-based, not a diet regimen,” she said. “It’s difficult due to the fact that diet programs is a risk factor for consuming problems. No matter if you call it a diet or not.”.

” Part of our responsibility [as counselors] is that if somebody needs even more aid than we can supply, we require to be sincere about our constraints,” she claimed.

Rather, Clark states it appears that Noom “falsely advertises safety” and after that leans on its trains to “get the pieces.”.

Counting calories

At the same time, doubters have likewise cataloged problems regarding Noom’s methods. Reports that Noom was advising 1,200 calories a day for many customers motivated objection from dietitians and led Noom to increase the variety in November 2021.

Former Noom instructors claimed they regularly had users log daily calories below a secure limitation. One train informed they had a client that declined to consume greater than 1,000 calories a day, as well as commonly consumed substantially much less– a level of under-eating which could have harmful side effects, according to dietitians. The train claimed they were encouraged to “coach around” the concern.

Trainers stated users who logged too couple of calories in a day need to have gotten warnings from the app, yet Noom didn’t have a device for that. Various other weight-loss applications, such as MyFitnessPal, produce an automatic message if a customer logs also few calories.

In a post updated July 2022, Noom reviewed a new feature that protects against users from establishing a calorie objective below a certain limit. The app’s sign-up procedure was additionally upgraded to generate a recommended weight array, based upon BMI, as well as stop individuals from setting a goal weight that would certainly categorize them as underweight. Former instructors said they previously had to manually compute a user’s body mass index (BMI) to avoid them from establishing a goal that would be medically underweight, a process verified in a training record seen by Expert.

Noom cites a selection of peer-reviewed researches on its study page on behalf of its methods based upon a period from 16 weeks as much as 18 months. A majority of those researches are co-authored by Noom workers or advisory board participants.

While a healthy diet plan as well as strenuous exercise is known to promote healthiness as well as soothe stress, those that lose weight through diet programs usually gain back the weight in time. In addition, diet programs is understood to elevate the threat of disordered consuming, says Melainie Rogers, creator of BALANCE eating disorder treatment facility.

” Repairing people’s relationship with food and also body image has to do with pushing away that slim ideal and working with people to come to be much healthier where they are, Rogers stated.

Noom “truly hit it out of the ball park with the advertising,” Rogers claimed. “Yet are they offering something they can’t provide?”


By mid-2022, Noom’s lot of money had moved. The firm was encountering “cash money melt,” consisting of a $56 million negotiation after individuals alleged they had been billed for registrations long after they ‘d attempted to terminate them. In addition to other pandemic-era success tales like Peloton, which gave up thousands of employees in 2022, it appeared that Noom had actually grown as well quickly.

Noom team are referred to as the “Noomily” (Noom Family) in e-mails as well as work messages. But former workers explained Noom’s society as one of “hazardous positivity,” where they were expected to be unflappably positive and also enthusiastic about the firm, and also said it had actually resulted in serious exhaustion.

A company rep, provided online as an outside coach interactions task organizer, informed employees in Slack to avoid slamming the business in a workplace survey for a 3rd party, highlighting that feedback needs to be maintained internal, according to screenshots seen by Expert. Another company agent then walked it back by saying they desired individuals to be straightforward on external studies, according to the screenshots.

In late April, Noom gave up 495 trainers– 25% of its coaching personnel.

According to a file generated a month previously by Noom monitoring, the objective of the discharges was to swiftly trim $40 million from the company’s expenses and shed lower-performing trainers.

” Costs are high,” Noom management claimed in the record, which was seen by Expert. “Due to the fact that we were not as strenuous as a company, we have actually not enabled things to be performance handled. This is our preferred technique of controlling expenses.”

Noom markets psychology-driven weight-loss-- however former workers say they were unprepared for and overwhelmed by customers' eating disorders, anxiety, and also injury
A teenager stands on a bathroom scale. 
Annette Riedl/picture alliance via Getty Images

In October, 500 even more Noom trains were suddenly called right into an online meeting and laid off.

The action was described as part of a pivot away from the coaching version, former employees aware of the company’s interior approach told Expert.

” Our model is not lasting,” Dr. Andreas Michaelides, Noom’s chief of psychology, claimed in a business meeting, a records of which was seen by Expert. “We are concentrated on experiments that are extra superior mentoring.”

Numerous customers were also shaken by the layoffs. The vibrant Noom community on Reddit was loaded with posts from individuals sharing irritation with the sudden loss of trains with whom they ‘d built a strong link.

” My coach was the only reason I utilized the application. She was so kind and thoughtful,” created one customer.

Previous workers claimed they were informed that training would inevitably come to be an add-on solution. One previous product employee said that a lot of customers really did not involve with trains and also “do not like mentoring.”

It’s unclear just how the training model will change, or whether Noom will address several of the underlying concerns that doubters have raised, consisting of Noom’s screening process, the complicated factors of its marketing, who it hires, and exactly how it trains instructors.

” Working there truly hurt my psychological and also physical health, even though that’s what the business preaches,” stated the former instructor who signed up with the business right out of university.

” I felt like I can never ever unwind, also when my work day was done, due to the fact that all I could consider is the messages from individuals who frantically need support accumulating.”


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