North Carolina’s Democratic governor says a Trump presidency is “not something I want to live through again,” and calls on states to help Biden win in 2024

Democratic governors see an important role for themselves in making sure former President Donald Trump does not return to the White House.

A day after Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign was announced, Democratic Governors Association Chairman Roy Cooper of North Carolina said during a press conference that he had already spent four years as governor with Trump as president, and “that’s not something I want to live through again.”

Cooper criticized Trump for vacillating between “indifference and obstructionism” during the pandemic, when governors “had to ‘step up’ and do what was required.”

He said he supports President Joe Biden, believes Biden will run again in 2024, and believes Biden can defeat anyone nominated by the Republicans. He said the governors can help Biden in 2024 by ensuring that “transformative” federal legislation passed during his presidency is implemented in the right way.

He said billions of dollars will now be invested in high-speed Internet access, building roads and bridges, transitioning to a clean energy economy, and promoting the renewable energy and semiconductor industries, among others, as a result of recent federal legislation. .

Cooper said his direct advice to Biden a few days ago was to focus on implementing this legislation over the next two years, given that there wouldn’t be much he could do with a divided Congress. Republicans gained a majority in the House of Representatives while Democrats retained a majority in the Senate.

Implementing these laws in an effective way is “a huge task,” Cooper said, and governors will play a critical role in ensuring that this can happen and that people see and feel the impact.

“If we work hard and put in the land, and into working families, this funding that’s passed by Congress, and we do it the right way, we can have a big hit in the next couple of years,” he said.

In 36 gubernatorial races this year, Democrats have lost Nevada, but picked up seats in Arizona, Massachusetts and Maryland as the new party of 24 Democrats and 26 Republicans collapses into the conservative mansions. In Arizona, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs narrowly defeated Trump-endorsed Carrie Lake, a 2020 nominee.

The DGA’s chair-elect, Phil Murphy of New Jersey, said that “thank God” candidates who were “outright election aliens” did not win the gubernatorial or secretary of state elections.

It was less important, he said, to have Democrats in office than to have “reasonable, responsible, and honest Americans taking the hits and hitting key positions.”

Murphy said that this “has a huge positive impact on the process of electing a president who, God willing, will be a Democrat and I hope it will be President Joe Biden.”


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