Police say the shooter who killed 6 people and himself at a Chesapeake Wal-Mart store was a store employee.

Police said the gunman who killed six people at a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia, worked in a store.

Police said Wednesday he has been identified as 31-year-old Andre Bing of Chesapeake.

Walmart said in a statement that the gunman was a Walmart associate who served as a night team leader at the store. He has been working in the store since 2010.

Chesapeake Police Chief Colonel Mark J.

The police said he was armed with a handgun

Soleski said that a suspect’s home was searched. Police said the public was in no more danger.

A man who said he watched live from what appeared to be a parking lot broadcast the time of the shooting, claiming the gunman was “one of the managers” at the store.

Jesse Wilczewski, a Walmart employee on her fifth day on the job, was in the room when the gunman opened fire. She told local news station WAVY-TV that she believed the attack was planned and that it was aimed at other Walmart executives.

The police did not announce the motive for the attack.

Former co-workers describe the accused gunman as “aggressive”

Two of his former associates told The New York Times this week that the suspect was responsible for supervising employees as they unloaded and stored groceries throughout the store during the night shift.

Former co-workers said the gunman sometimes displayed “bad behavior” at work, which led to complaints from those he supervised.

Former Walmart employees also told the outlet that the suspect would cover his cell phone camera with tape, and he often expressed fear that the government was watching him.

“Everyone called him weird,” Chondria Reese, who worked night shifts at the store from 2015 to 2018, told The Times. That was all anyone could say about Andre.

After Tuesday’s shooting, Reese said she learned from other colleagues at the Walmart that the suspected shooter had made threats before, she told NBC News, including that if he was ever fired, he would “come back and kill.” People”.

Nathan Sinclair, 21, who previously worked the management shift before the suspected gunman, told The Times they sometimes quarreled over workplace matters.

“He had an attitude,” Sinclair told the newspaper. “He was kind of aggressive. There were moments where he was okay, but he was definitely tough to work with and he was a little bit hostile.”

Neighbors of the suspected shooter said they knew little about him

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Chesapeake tax records show the shooter purchased a three-bedroom home in the city in 2019.

Vera McDuffie told the outlet that he moved two doors down from her about two or three years ago and said she thinks he lives alone.

“Nobody that I know knows anything about him,” McDuffie, 65, told The Post. She said the only time she saw him was when he cut his lawn. “His yard is clean.”

Police were at the shooter’s house overnight, she said, but had left by morning.

McDuffie’s husband, James McDuffie, told The Post that the shooter previously told him he worked at Walmart and that his mother and sister died of COVID-19 in New York.


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