Sloane Stephens Shares Her Gym Bag Essentials

Sloane Stephens’ Self-Care Philosophy

Professional tennis player Sloane Stephens is not only a winner on the courts (with a Grand Slam title to her name!). She’s also becoming an all star in the wellness game.

“I’ve gone through a lot, starting on tour when I was 15. The way I see overall health and wellness — it’s changed as I’ve gotten older,” Stephens, now 29, tells PEOPLE of her self-care journey.

Stephens says her mother, former swimmer and now-psychologist Sybil Smith, emphasized self-care and self-expression early on, which is what led the Olympian to discover her love of products.

However, Stephens says that as “a young African-American girl traveling around the world” at times it was “hard to find products” that fit her needs. But she never let the challenge deter her.

And today, Stephens is leveling out the wellness playing field by empowering people to be their biggest advocates. “[It’s important to]be in tune with your body and mind and seek whatever you need.”

She encourages: “Don’t sit around [and watch] the wheels fall off. That’s the great part about wellness, you can always do something for you, get better and grow.”

Ahead, the game-changing products Stephens has found all over the world and relies on to reset and recharge when she has a moment to herself.

Gym Bag

When it comes to her personal style, Stephens’ secret is to “jazz up” her everyday athletic wear with a standout bag. It’s why she has a trove of Telfar Shopping Bags in “all of the sizes in pretty much every single color” — a result of waking up bright and early to secure the coveted designer pieces the moment they drop.

She does have one MVP out of the bunch though: “My favorite one is the big black one. I can travel with that everywhere and it’s super convenient. It literally fits your whole life inside of it.”

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Stephens says she’s picked up a few beauty tips from her mother. The most important of them: Always wear sunscreen.

“I wake up and the first thing I put on is SPF,” Stephens says of the essential step. Her current favorite is this light-weight, oil-free spray that makes reapplication a breeze.

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Soothing Balm

While in France this past May for the French Open, Stephens also made her way through the country’s iconic pharmacies.

There, she stumbled upon this multi-use soother for irritated and dry skin. Out of all of the beauty finds she’s bought and tested, she says this one has been “a keeper.”

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Cooling Facial Rollers

These spherical hand-held skincare tools which sculpt, calm inflammation and reduce puffiness, make for a spa-like experience when the athlete is practicing self-care on the road.

“When you’re just laying there and trying to get in five minutes of relaxation, these are super easy to use and are so soothing.”

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Sheet Mask

Stephens says she was surprised when one of her friends recommended snail mucin, the viral hydrating ingredient found in these Cosrx sheet masks.

Turns out, the K-Beauty favorite instantly became a power player in her routine. “They’re so convenient, especially if you’re traveling. They’re the best thing ever.”

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Compression Boots

These high-tech, full-leg compression Normatec boots are the ultimate post-workout recovery item, Stephens says. “You wear them and they flush your legs out for you,” she explains.

“I put them on in the afternoon or at night in bed and it does all the work for me. Your legs come out feeling like you just got a massage.”

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Lifestyle Band

“As an athlete going above and beyond,” Stephens relies on her WHOOP Band (which monitors everything from sleep to one’s menstrual cycle) to help track her body’s performance.

“It’s amazing for professional athletes, but also for a person who works out for fun,” she raves of the stylish bands, which come in a variety of colors.

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