The amazing life of Mike Tindall, the Queen’s grandson and the reality TV star who said he jokingly beat up Prince Harry

Mike Tindall, the Queen’s grandson, has become the first member of the British royal family to take part in a major realism contest.

Mike, 44, is currently starring in “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” A reality show where celebrities live together in a rainforest in Australia and compete in challenges to be crowned “king” or “queen” of the jungle.

The first episode of the new season aired on British channel ITV on Sunday, with daily episodes expected to air until the end of November, iNews reports.

Mike is best known as a former professional rugby player and a member of the British Royal Family. His wife is Zara Tindall, granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Mike and Zara do not work for the royal family – which means they do not carry out royal duties – however, they often attend royal events both publicly and privately.

Mike told The Mirror before appearing on the series, “Zara told me to go and be myself, and that’s all you can be. She said go and enjoy yourself and be yourself. What worries Zara the most is how loud I eat.” .

Mike says he once jokingly punched Prince Harry to see how his security team would react

Mike started his rugby career in Bath, England in 1997 and was part of the England squad that won the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia, according to ESPN.

Mike was introduced to Zara in 2003 by her cousin Prince Harry in Sydney, Australia. Mike and Harry seem to have a light friendship, which was evident when Mike said he jokingly hit Prince while they celebrated England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup win together in Sydney.

The amazing life of Mike Tindall, the Queen's grandson and the reality TV star who said he jokingly beat up Prince Harry
Mike Tindall carries the Rugby World Cup in November 2003. 
David Rogers – RFU/The RFU Collection via Getty Images

Speaking at the A Question of Sport Live event in September 2021, Mike said he “thought it would be fun to throw some punches” at Harry to see how long it would take for the security team to respond, Richard Eden of the Daily Mail reports.

The bulletin added that Mike said it only took a few seconds before Harry’s protection officers pinned him to the floor.

The amazing life of Mike Tindall, the Queen's grandson and the reality TV star who said he jokingly beat up Prince Harry
Prince Harry pictured with Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall in 2014. 
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Mike was awarded the MBE by the Queen in recognition of his athletic achievements in 2007, according to the sports hospitality organization Hospitality Finder.

The Independent reported at the time that he was named captain of the English rugby team in 2011, and retired from professional sport in 2014.

He is currently co-host of the podcast “The Good, The Bad and The Rugby” with James Haskell and Alex Payne. Mike devotes much of his time to philanthropy, and has close ties to Cure Parkinsons, a charity that aims to fund research into Parkinson’s disease in the UK.

Mike Tindall is Princess Anne’s brother-in-law

Mike and Zara dated for seven years before their engagement in July 2010, according to the Royal Family website. They tied the knot at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland, in July 2011, followed by a reception at Holyroodhouse House, the official residence of Scotland’s royal family.

The amazing life of Mike Tindall, the Queen's grandson and the reality TV star who said he jokingly beat up Prince Harry
Zara and Mike Tindall at Holyrood Abbey, Palace of Holyroodhouse after their wedding. 
Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall/ via Getty Images

Mike and Zara have three children together: Mia Grace (born 2014), Lena Elizabeth (born 2018) and Lucas Philippe (born 2021). Their sons have no royal titles, as Zara was born without a title.

Zara’s mother, Princess Anne, has previously spoken about her decision not to give her children nicknames. In 2020, she told Vanity Fair she thought it was “easier” and “the right thing to do” to raise her children without them.

Mike appears to have a good relationship with the Zara family, having attended many of the royal family’s engagements over the years. He has spoken openly about his experience with the royal family, and has previously said that he bowed to King Charles almost by accident.

Speaking on his podcast in September, Mike said the incident happened during a private family meeting.

He said, “Without thinking about it. I was just following my wife, so she was kinda tired – then thankfully she didn’t.” Mike said he was able to “style” it into a bottom bracket, adding, “It probably looked like I hit my toe or something on the floor.”


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