The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

These futuristic guns may look like the stuff of science fiction but they really do exist.

When you hear about cool, futuristic guns, your first thoughts are probably about science fiction movies where these guns couldn’t possibly exist. Well, you will be surprised to know that some of these futuristic weapons actually exist. While gun control is a controversial argument in the United States, the vast majority of the weapons on display here are for military use only.

Although there are other weapons than rifles used in warfare, most wars are still fought primarily with soldiers on the ground using a rifle of one type or another. Be it pistols, shotguns or shotguns, these are the 10 coolest futuristic guns that really exist.

AA12 Atchisson Assault Shotgun

The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

This futuristic rifle is an automatic rifle that can fire 300 rounds per minute. The most notable feature of this gun is its low recoil, especially when compared to other shotguns. This weapon only comes in the form of a fully automatic weapon.

The AA-12 was originally developed in 1972 by Maxwell Acheson. The current model has been a work in progress for the past 18 years after being sold to Military Police Systems.


The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

The CDTE is a grenade launcher that shoots spiral bombs into the air like a soccer ball. CDTE stands for Counter Defilade Target Engagement, which means the grenade can be tracked and set to explode at the right moment.

This gun is also known as the Punisher and has a single semi-automatic air blast system. This futuristic weapon was first sent to soldiers serving in the war in Afghanistan in 2010.

The XM25 CDTE fires 25mm grenades to explode in mid-air close to the target. However, the blasting distance can be manually adjusted up to 10 feet shorter or farther.

ZiP pistol

The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

This new type of pistol is one of many futuristic rifles that redesign the classic rifle. ZiP plastic is used in this gun to allow room for customization by attaching an extended stock and large ammo clips.

US Fire Arms (USFA), the gun’s creator, says the ZiP is a symbol of the future of fun, and “the future is now.” This rifle is very unconventional in terms of its looks. It is built around a full polymer body, with aluminum parts, and features a 5.2-inch steel barrel.


The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

The Personnel Stopping and Stimulating Rifle (PHASR) was developed by the US Department of Defense. This futuristic weapon is still in its prototype stage and is a non-lethal weapon, designed to blind targets.

The PHASR rifle is a blinding laser weapon intended to temporarily blind and blind a target. Although the United Nations Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons banned laser weapons in 1995, the PHASR is exempt from this ban since its effects are intended to be temporary, making it one of the most useful futuristic guns.

FN Five-Seven Pistol

The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

This gun is known for its ability to penetrate many types of body armor. This futuristic weapon is so powerful that American civilians can only buy it with sporting ammunition.

Developed in Belgium, this weapon is used by 20 countries and has seen action in many wars, including Afghanistan and the Libyan Civil War.

Manufactured as a companion pistol to the P90, this semi-automatic pistol shares many of the design features of the P90. FN Five-Seven is a lightweight polymer-based weapon with a large magazine capacity. It also has funny controls and low bounce.

KRISS Vector

The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

The KRISS Vector is a submachine gun designed to reduce barrel recoil and recoil.

KRISS Vector is a series of weapons with similar designs, just slightly different features. The K10 was announced in 2011 and made use of a telescopic stock that collapsed into the upper receiver instead of a collapsible stock.

The most recent releases of KRISS are the Gen II models introduced in 2015. These models feature a redesigned pistol grip, safety selector, and compatibility with a new 9mm drop.

Chiappa Rhino

The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

What makes this Italian pistol one of the futuristic rifles on this list is that it recoils directly into your hand, rather than bobbing upwards, which makes the rifle more accurate. The Rhino also fires from the lower chamber of the cylinder, rather than from the upper chamber.

Chiappa manufactures the Rhino in a variety of double-barreled models. It’s aluminum alloy frame and barrel cover make the Rhino lightweight and easy to carry.

TrackingPoint .338 ShadowTrax8

The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

The American company TrackingPoint produces rifles with precision-guided technology that calculates target range and optimizes the rifle accordingly. ShadowTrax 8 is TrackingPoint’s multi-purpose weapon.

The futuristic weapon features a stainless steel Stiller action and 22” Shilen barrel. It also has target-tracking optics, an onboard weather station, integrated laser ranger detection that automatically updates ballistics data, and a lock-on range of 1,400 yards.

This gun is streamlined and reliable, paired with the patented lock-and-carry accuracy that makes this the most innovative hunting rifle on the market.

Armatix iP1

The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

The Armatix iP1 is one of the most secure guns of the future, requiring a fingerprint watch to be used within 25cm of the gun to fire. This magazine-fed semi-automatic pistol is chambered for the .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge.

The Armatix iP1 is marketed as a James Bond style pistol which makes it one of the coolest guns on the market. This pistol is lightweight, at 18.3 ounces, with an effective firing range of 75 yards.

This gun specifically has sparked many conversations around the gun control debate. Supporters of the Second Amendment say these smart gun features enforce their right to bear arms freely.

Corner Shot

The coolest futuristic guns that really exist

Lieutenant Colonel Amos Golan of the Israel Defense Forces invented it with the help of American investors. Initially designed for SWAT teams and Special Forces for use in situations involving terrorists and hostages, this futuristic weapon offers the ability to fire around corners.

CornerShot rifles can be used as a semi-automatic pistol or as a grenade launcher, making them one of the most versatile futuristic rifles out there. This weapon is used by many special forces in the Middle East and Asia.


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