The four victims of the Idaho stabbings were college students whom friends remembered as “very sweet” and “angels.”

Four University of Idaho students were hacked to death in an off-campus home over the weekend, and police said they believe the four friends were killed by someone still at large.

The victims have been identified as Ethan Chapin, 20; Madison Muggin, 21; Zana Kernodel, 20; And Kylie Goncalves 21.

Police discovered the bodies of the four students in a house about a mile off campus in Moscow, Idaho, while answering a 911 call about an “unconscious” person. It remains unclear who called 911, and police have not publicly named any suspects in the students’ deaths.

In the days after the killings, friends and family remembered the victims as “angels” and “very sweet”.

Ethan Chapin “lit up every room he entered.”

Chapin, of Conway, Washington, was a triplet who attended the University of Idaho alongside his brother and sister, the Idaho Statesman reported.

Chapin was dating Kernodle, who was living in the house where the killings took place along with Mogen, Goncalves, and other students. On one of the nights of the attack, Chapin was sleeping at home with Kernodle, The Statesman reported.

He was a Recreation, Sports, and Tourism management professional and a member of the Sigma Chi Campus Society. The Greek branch started a GoFundMe page in honor of Chapin, saying, “We collectively extend our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the families of our dear brother Ethan.”

“It is an unspeakable tragedy and an excruciating pain,” his mother, Stacey Chapin, told the Statesman in a statement. “Ethan was literally the greatest kid and his smile lit up every room! Most importantly, he was a triple and his brother and sister needed all the strength and prayers they could because they were the best of friends.”

Chapin’s father, speaking to Fox News, expressed his disappointment over the “lack of information from the University of Idaho and the local police, which only leads to false rumors and insinuations in the press and social media.”

Stacy Chapin told Fox that Chapin “lit up every room he walked into and was a kind, loyal, loving son, brother, cousin and friend.”

“Words cannot express the heartache and devastation our family is experiencing. It makes me happy to know we will never be able to hug or laugh with Ethan again, but it also hurts to think of the horrible way he was taken from us,” he said.

Xana Kernodle can ‘fill any room with laughter’

Kernodle, a junior from Post Falls, Idaho, was a marketing pioneer and member of the Alpha Phi sorority.

Her “very close friend” Maya Heppenstill set up a GoFundMe in Kernodle’s honor to “at least take some pressure off her [sic] family plate.” Hippenstiel said all GoFundMe proceeds will go directly to Kernodle’s father to pay for the funeral and other costs.

“If you know Xan, you know this is more than a loss,” Heppenstill wrote. “I know it applies to me but waking up and realizing it’s a day when you won’t be fornicating – is unbearable.”

And she added, “Paradise won 4 angels in the darkest circumstances.”

Heppenstill told The Statesman that she had known Kernodale for four years and that she was “the life of every party in more ways than one”.

She could “fill any room with light and laughter,” Heppenstill told The Statesman. “She was kind and loving as well as compassionate. She was very strong, and her serious side became evident when she talked about her goals. Everyone loved her, and I mean everyone seriously.”

Madison Maugin planned to move to Boise after graduation

Maugin was the marketing major from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and planned to transfer her talents to Boise after she graduated in the spring.

The Statesman reported that her friends were known as “Maddie” and she loved the color pink. Friends said she and Goncalves were best friends.

“They were inseparable,” Jessie Frost, who set up a GoFundMe account to support the Mugen and Goncalves families, told The Statesman. “Best friends in grade school all through high school and now college. These girls were good girls, [who] didn’t do drugs or bad things.”

Mugen worked with Kernodle at the local restaurant, Mad Greek. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the restaurant said the two girls, who had been working there for several years, “brought so much joy to our restaurant and everyone they met.” The restaurant said Mogen runs its own social media.

Kylie Goncalves Was A “Fighter Through”

Goncalves, a general studies senior from Rathdrum, Idaho, was described by her sister as “a fighter through and through,” The Statesman reported.

A former co-worker, with whom she worked at Panera Bread, told The Statesman that they shared shifts the summer after he came out as gay and said she helped him create a safe environment for him after someone in the store made rude remarks to him.

She told another former colleague of The Statesman that Goncalves once helped her turn “what was a stressful transition into a really fun time. And at the end of it all, she wouldn’t even let me share my tips with her. She was so honest and kind-hearted.”

“God just welcomed more angels into Maddie May and Kaylee,” GoFundMe told the Mogen and Goncalves families. “Fly high and be free beautiful souls. Our hearts are so broken with the tragedy and loss of the students of the U of I am. These wonderful girls were so sweet, so kind, and so loving to everyone.”


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