The negative effects of separation have a greater impact on men

A married woman may maintain a more diverse emotional support network than married men, Of course, this does not mean that men do not have friends or family, but that men are less used to receiving or seeking emotional support from others than their wives.

Having an emotional support network at that point in a woman’s life will help her analyze what happened in that relationship and conclude the reason for that end, a strategy that helps her recover in the long run, unlike what happens with men, according to a psychiatrist (Scott Carroll): He tries to make himself not affected by what happened, so he spends his time with his friends, at work, and practicing his hobbies in order to try to overcome his feeling of sadness.

And this is really embodied in the photos that he publishes during that period on Instagram, with his friends on the beach, or in a cafe with a girl who no one knows before, who suddenly appeared in the midst of those events!

Therefore, the strategy of “craft until you do” that a man follows during this period will never help him get out of what he suffers from, perhaps in the short term at least.

What may make matters worse for a man are his hormones

as they will never be on his side at this stage, and will even add to his suffering. According to Professor of Biology Dawn Maslar, when a man falls in love with one of them, this leads to a decrease in the level of the hormone testosterone and an increase in the level of the hormone oxytocin (the hormone of love), and the opposite will happen in the event of a breakup, and the high level of testosterone increases the chances of depression, anger, and mood swings.

يعاني معظم الرجال في صمت بعد الانفصال
Most men suffer in silence after a break up.
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The difference in coping strategies used by both sexes with the incident of separation has a clear effect on the feelings that each spouse has for his ex-partner. For women, with the tools that enable them to overcome the negative effects of separation, this attitude is often accompanied by a diminution of affection for their former partner.

The absence of an emotional support network in a man’s life, as we mentioned earlier, will make him lose, by separation from his partner, an important source of emotional support in his life, and this thus creates a positive outlook for the partner that the man will keep after the separation.

In three separate studies conducted by a team of psychologists from the Austrian University of Graz, headed by social psychologist Ursula Athenstaedt, they explain in detail to us the reasons behind this difference in the perception of both sexes (whether negative or positive) that they see their former partners.

For example, one of the points that were the reason for this difference is that women are often inclined to long-term relationships, unlike men, and separation will contradict their position with long-term relationships, so one way to reduce internal conflict is to convince herself that her partner is not that desired person.

We can summarize the above with the following story:

The young man fell in love with that girl, things were going well until the young man told the girl that he would not complete with her and that he was forced to end the relationship, the young man changes his emotional state on Facebook to “single”, and fills his Instagram account with pictures showing him celebrating with his friends and with girls who appeared Suddenly in this story! Meanwhile, the girl suffers and analyzes what happened with her close friends and says, “How did he manage to overcome the relationship with such simplicity?”

But in reality, the young man suffers badly as well, but he did not find someone to turn to during that period, but rather you see him avoiding that because the men do not show their sadness and their anxiety to anyone! And to make matters worse are his hormones, which use their agents …

In the pages of our last story, we find that the girl has overcome the psychological consequences of this separation, and our friend still remembers with great affection his girl that, whenever he hears the first clip of Wael Kfoury’s song “I Love You So Much”, which she sang to him once on one of their golden nights.


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