The Otter became Japan’s darling after predicting their shock 2-1 World Cup victory over four-times champions Germany.

Japan’s oracle otter has become the talk of the town after accurately predicting Japan’s shock 2-1 victory over Germany in both countries’ first World Cup match.

Taiyo, an 8-year-old otter at Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa in Tokyo, was brought in on November 22 to try to predict the winner, according to Sankei News. This was one day before Japan’s November 23 match against Germany, who were favorites to win that match.

But Tayo ignored the red bucket with the German flag on it and the yellow bucket with the word “paint” written on it. Clutching a miniature soccer ball in his claws, he sprinted to a blue bucket—representing Japan’s Samurai Blue soccer team—and dropped the ball into it.

A day later, Japan beat four-time world champions Germany 2-1.

After Japan’s victory, Japanese soccer fans began to praise the Otter for being “incredible” and “extremely qualified”, reported the Mainichi newspaper.

Some Twitter users were also elated at Taiyo the otter’s accurate prediction.

“Lmao the fox earned me $150. Ty master the otter,” one Twitter user wrote.

Japan used otters in the past as a way to predict victories in World Cup matches. But an otter named Chibo in Himeji mistakenly predicted Japan’s loss during a 2014 match against Greece. The otter chose Greece to win, but the match ended in a draw.

Japan’s next match will be against Costa Rica on November 27.


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