The royal visit will have cost at least 1 million dollars

Canadian taxpayers spent at least $1 million hosting King Charles III, then Prince of Wales, when he visited Canada last May.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) provided a breakdown of the nearly $450,000 costs it incurred for the three-day visit by Charles and his wife Camilla, now Queen Consort, who was then Duchess of Cornwall.

The RCMP spent approximately $235,000 on travel and approximately $212,000 on overtime.

The federal police say, however, that there could be additional costs, since the current balance sheets do not include the regular costs of salaries, benefit plans or support units.

This bill is only part of what the visit cost Canadian taxpayers, as other departments, such as Canadian Heritage, were involved in hosting members of the Royal Family during their visits to Newfoundland. , Ottawa and the Northwest Territories.

Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez approved food and beverage expenses worth nearly $18,700 for department officials and members of the Prince-turned-King’s staff who traveled to Canada for the visit, according to a backgrounder he signed and released to The Canadian Press under freedom of information laws.

“It is customary for hospitality costs, including those of Clarence House staff, to be borne by the host country,” reads the document, which refers to the King’s London residence.

The Department of National Defense says it also spent about $568,000.

“This includes the costs of the Airbus Polaris flight and associated support services to transport members of the Royal Family, as well as Royal Tour personnel identified by Canadian Heritage,” a spokesperson said.

King Charles came to Canada to mark the Platinum Jubilee of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September after 70 years of reign.


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