weird bullets around the world

From those full of nuclear waste to explosive bullets upon collision, here is a collection of the strangest and most dangerous munitions that humans have ever invented!

1-R.I.P bullet :

weird bullets around the world

This bullet, called “Rest in Peace”, is considered by many to be the deadliest in the world. The manufacturer markets it as “the last bullet you’ll ever need.” Its strength stems from its unique tip that allows it to shatter and scatter when colliding with the first body it encounters. Manufacturer G-2 Research claims that the bullet can open nine separate wound channels at the target, completely wiping out vital organs.

2-Jihawg ammunition :

weird bullets around the world
Pork-stained Ji Hog ammunition

Jihawg munitions are considered the most controversial rounds in the world and have become the subject of much criticism and ridicule. Their inventors, believed to be some gun owners in Idaho, sit around camp fires and enjoy their drinks after they were angered by the building of a thirteen-story Islamic center in Idaho. Manhattan, two blocks from the site of the World Trade Center bombing, at that time thought of finding a way to confront the insurgents in the future.

Their ‘genius’ idea was to make bullets for Muslims! Somehow, they persuaded South Fork Industries, a dyeing and finishing company, to take on the challenge and paint 9mm bullets with pork. While announcing the launch of the new type in 2013, the company stated that it “not only kills a terrorist, but sends him to Hell as well.”

3-Sonic thunder bombs :

weird bullets around the world

Not your regular shotgun, it produces a deadly flash and an extremely powerful blast of 182 dB. If it increased a little more to the level of 195 dB, the human eardrum would rupture. Therefore, without adequate ear protection, this thunderous munition can cause permanent hearing loss, as it is used by some Special Forces units to storm buildings during military operations.

4-Dragon’s breath shots :

weird bullets around the world

Dragon breath shots consist of pellets and fragments made mostly of magnesium metal, and this type is considered to be the most amazing and strange kind of shot ever! These shots are not really practical and are actually intended for fun, although they can be very dangerous.

5-Boned heads :

weird bullets around the world

Yes, absolutely, they are bullets with hollow heads. The shape of the end of the bullet is not pointed, but rather is hollow and empty, which causes it to expand and fragment when it reaches its target, which causes more damage to living tissues. These bullets are banned for use in wars and many countries, but why are they banned in the first place? This is due to the possibility of expansion, explosion and fragmentation inside the target’s body, which increases damage and pain.

Regular bullets, which are completely encapsulated and have a smooth surface, penetrate the target without expanding, and if the object does not slow down enough it will only pass from it. As for this type, once it penetrates a target, it will slow down and spread in the body, causing major collateral damage.

6-Railgun Projectile Iron Ballistics :

weird bullets around the world
An electromagnetic bomber installed on a US Navy fleet ship

Who needs regular bullets anymore? The electromagnetic gun of the US Navy fleet is a superweapon! Even the projectile used by this future weapon is much safer to store than regular explosive ammunition and is much cheaper. This cannon can fire a solid projectile that detonates anything it collides with as a meteor coming from space. Imagine thirty-two cars suspended in the air and pointed directly at you. This is the force of a missile if fired from 160 kilometers away.

7-577-caliber Tyrannosaur shots :

weird bullets around the world

Everyone probably knows that the T-Rex dinosaurs were one of the most dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs of all time, and due to their strength and danger, a specially designed bullet was named after them, the T-Rex 0.577 bullets are not a dinosaur, but they are terribly strong. It is a new type manufactured by the American company A-Square in 1993.

This species was specially produced for professional hunting guides in Zimbabwe who were given the dangerous task of protecting clients on hunting expeditions. They needed a bullet that could stop a dangerous animal attacking them directly and immediately, like a rebellious buffalo or an angry elephant. This hard shell, 14.9mm in size and 49g in weight, made the other hunting bullets look like a joke.

Only the company’s Hannibal Super Rifle can handle these shots, and they produce powerful recoil that will leave the shooter reeling from his terrible shoulder pain.

8-Uranium-depleted silver bullets :

رصاصات الفضة المنضبة باليورانيوم

This round is capable of penetrating thick hard steel, making it the ideal tank killer. This type explodes spontaneously upon impact due to the reaction of the thermal nature of uranium and steel. But why was radioactive nuclear waste used as ammunition? Tungsten is also used in anti-tank shells, but it can shatter at extreme speeds.

On the other hand, uranium bullets hitting the armor evaporate and detonate indoors, creating a devastating effect. NATO armies use these munitions in external conflicts, so if you are fighting an enemy that uses DU munitions, the tank is not the place for you.

9-Macho Gaucho shots :

weird bullets around the world

These shots simulate the ancient Argentinians ’bola, a tool made by attaching two heavy balls to a chain about a meter long. People of South America or cowboys have used this tool for hundreds of years when searching for hunting and for catching livestock because it interlocks the legs of the animal, causing its obstruction. In the 21st century this concept has been translated into shotgun bullets that can cause devastating damage to targets.

10-Punt Gun Shells :

weird bullets around the world
The massive size of the Pont rifle compared to the regular rifle (left). The Pont rifle (right)

The Punt is the largest rifle of all time, a rifle used by wild bird hunters in the 19th and 20th centuries. The average length of a typical punt is about two and a half meters, and it weighs 43 kilograms. In some old photos, you will see two men holding the rifle on their shoulders. They were stationed on a small boat called the Pont, and the fisherman had to change the rudder of the entire boat to direct the gun at the flock of birds.
This rifle can fire 500g of shredded pellets, which can kill up to 90 birds at once. It was invented and used due to the great demand for bird feathers in the fashion industry. Naturally, the numbers of wild birds were greatly affected so the use of this rifle was banned.

These were the most important bullets and ammunition that caught our attention, tell us in the comments which one is your favorite?

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