This convertible “air car” has been officially approved for use!

There’s a new flying car among us, and it’s trending for the right reasons! For a while, flying cars were the stuff of science fiction, but recently, there have been several prototypes being tested. However, its newest flying vehicle, the Klein Vision AirCar, has drawn attention for feats no flying vehicle has ever accomplished before. Here are some interesting facts about the unique flying car.

Klein ‌Vision AirCar‌ – The first flying car to complete an intercity flight

This convertible "air car" has been officially approved for use!
BMW-powered AirCar. Image credits: Klein ‌Vision

The Klein Vision AirCar is a two seat flying car designed by Štefan Klein and manufactured in Slovakia. The patented AirCar from Klein Vision is the world’s first flying vehicle connecting two airports. In the late 1980s, Slovak designer Professor Stefan Klein began developing flying cars. After creating AeroMobil, he left the company to create AirCar and founded Klein Vision with co-worker Anton Zajac.

Since 2016, when Professor Stefan Klein left Slovakia’s AeroMobil to start work on his private flying car from scratch, Klein’s wind-powered Vision AirCar has been in development. After developing the AirCar concept over 100,000 man hours, the company began commercializing it. The AirCar was created by engineers who turned computer-generated concepts into functional prototypes. The AirCar has successfully completed a series of rigorous tests, which included 70 hours of cross-country flight tests and 200 takeoffs and landings to evaluate the vehicle’s full repertoire of flight and maneuver performance.

Klein’s vision cleared to boot

This convertible "air car" has been officially approved for use!
Image credits: Klein ‌Vision

Everyone who grew up watching the Jetsons believed that one day we would be driving vehicles that could fly. Recently, the dream of many people has come close to reality as the Klein Vision AirCar has obtained a certificate of airworthiness from the Slovak Transport Authority. AirCar certification makes highly efficient flying cars available for mass production. It’s the solemn and definitive confirmation of the power to change mid-distance travel forever.

This convertible "air car" has been officially approved for use!
Klein ‌Vision AirCar‌. Image credits: Klein ‌Vision

On June 28, 2021, the AirCar prototype successfully flew from Nitra Airport to Bratislava Airport. The AirCar can travel approximately 60 miles between the two airports in 35 minutes while flying at an altitude of 8,200 feet and cruising at a top speed of 118 miles per hour. According to Klein Vision, the aircraft has shown remarkable stability despite difficult test flights. Without the pilot touching the controls, it could take off and land. After achieving this milestone on June 28, the AirCar became the first flying car to achieve this feat. So, it is now close to going into production because the prototype has now made 142 successful landings.

The AirCar comes with some exceptional features

AirCar is a real road car, unlike other flying cars which are just miniature airplanes. In fact, the AirCar can be converted from a car to a plane in about three minutes with the push of a button. In essence, its wings extend upward from the side of the vehicle and then spread wide. The tail extends beyond the body when in the flying position. Powering the AirCar is none other than BMW’s 1.6-liter engine that puts out 140 PS (138 PS). It states a range of up to 1,000 km and fuel use per hour of 18 litres. The AirCar flew at an altitude of 8,200 feet and a top speed of 190 kilometers per hour (118 mph).

AirCar can take off in just 300 metres, unlike traditional aircraft which require long runways. This is made possible by the two-seat flying car’s light weight of 1,100kg and an additional carrying capacity of 200kg. During its development, the AirCar has completed 142 successful landings, more than 40 hours of test flights, and numerous stability and maneuverability tests.


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