This was Oprah’s reaction when a fan said he wouldn’t spend $100 on his mother for Christmas

A fan took advantage of stumbling across Oprah Winfrey to ask her advice on what to buy his mother for Christmas.

The gift that the presenter proposed was a “wonderful jewelry box” from “Favorite Things”, valued at $100, which for Oprah is pocket change given her net worth of $2.5 million.

But the fan said it was too expensive and that $100 was out of his price range. He also said his mother would appreciate something more personal.

Oprah was shocked when the fan told her he couldn’t fork out that amount of money for a present, and the presenter laughed awkwardly in surprise.

The man insisted that he needed something on a lower budget and above all something more individual, to which Winfrey’s replied: “you make a list of your top 10 reasons why you love her, and you make a beautiful card.”

The video has gone viral on TikTok with almost a million views, and the social network has been polarized by Winfrey’s response . Some have criticized her for not understanding that $100 was a lot of money for the man, whilst others have said her second idea was touching and beautiful.

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