TikTok launches a big humor contest to find future talents

A humor contest has just been launched by the TikTok platform  : the TikTok Comedy Club. All Internet users can participate by sharing a video of more than one minute accompanied by the hashtag #TikTokComedyClub, and after filling out an online form. Among them, five people will be selected and will perform on February 8, 2023 at La Cigale, reports the social network . The competition is open until January 8.

To accompany these five comedians, Redouane Bougheraba will supervise the competition and will also perform on stage with the lucky ones. The show will be open to the public and, of course, streamed live on TikTok.

Already several videos shared

Several Internet users have participated in this new competition and published videos. The styles differ: some film themselves at home, others share stand-up videos because they already have stage experience.

All of them certainly dream of breaking through through social networks, as has already been the case for several comedians. After the buzz of one of her videos in 2019, Ines Reg , for example, came out of anonymity and has been talking about her ever since.


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