Today’s Wordle #553 Hints, Clues And Answer For Saturday, December 24th

Well it’s finally Christmas Eve, and soon enough the holidays will have passed and we’ll all be staring down the barrel of a new year, of a cold January, of a list of resolutions we’ll likely fumble.

That’s the cynic in me, squawking and grumbling and fretting about. The optimist just wants to sit around and drink eggnog and play cards and listen to Frank Sinatra croon out some Christmas classics.

Both the optimist and the cynic agree, however: We should solve this Wordle so we can get back to the festivities!

How To Solve Today’s Wordle (Spoilers!)

The Hint: This determines resistance to flinching or staggering from enemy attacks in 2022’s best video game.

The Clue: This word starts with a consonant but ends with a vowel.

The Answer:

Sorry for the cryptic hint. I figure if you have any Google-fu at all you can use that and it’ll all make sense. Plus, I need to give Elden Ring the occasional pat on the back.

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In any case, I actually felt kind of silly after my first guess. Briar is a great word—a lovely word!—but it has two R’s in it, which is not ideal for a starting word. And as luck would have it, I was left with 163 remaining solutions after the guess, and just one green box.

I lucked out big time with my second guess. Sometimes I’ll opt to guess all new letters here, but I figured noise would be pretty good, leaving the ‘I’ in green but testing out two more vowels at the same time. Incredibly, four green boxes turned over.

There was only one possible solution that I could think of at this point, and I wish I’d guessed it instead of noise but oh well! I guessed poise and walked away with a win.

Well, a half-win, in any case. I tied with the Wordle Bot on this one. Slate / Mourn / Poise was his awfully odd path to victory. I swear he cheats.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, folks! Don’t forget to make some cookies for Santa Claus!

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