Top 10 Weather Events of 2022

It is that time of year where we round up the Top 10 Weather Events of 2022, and we had so many extreme and notable events we couldn’t fit it into just 10. Check them all out below and keep reading for the most memorable events of 2022.

#10 Double Derechos

Just 3 weeks apart the High Plains saw to derechos, on June 13th and July 6th. The storm in July caused over $2.9B in damages from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and through Ohio. July’s derecho tore a path into the Dakotas. This double whammy of severe weather, kicks off our list of the Top 10 Weather Events of 2022 at number 10.

#9 Epic Lake Effect

An early season lake effect event produced record snowfall in western New York, halted the city of Buffalo and forced the Bills’ game to move to Detroit. Over 80″ of snow in November is number 9 on our list of the Top 10 Weather Events of 2022.

#8 Nor’easter of January

Our earliest event in the Top 10 Weather Events of 2022 was the late January Nor’easter that put over 11 million people under blizzard warnings, from Long Island through Maine. It was Boston’s first blizzard in 4 years and brought whiteout conditions throughout the Northeast.

#7 Mississippi River Drought

After a wet start to the summer, moisture essentially shut off for the Midwest and Central Plains leading to a historic drought along the Mississippi River, impacting commerce, travel and daily life. The drought conditions on the Mississippi come in at #7 on our list of Top 10 Weather Events of 2022.

#6 Hurricane Nicole

The latest hurricane to ever hit Florida’s east coast and the second latest hurricane to ever strike the U.S., #6 on our list of Top 10 Weather Events of 2022 is Hurricane Nicole. Nicole leveled homes in the greater Daytona Beach area and brought torrential rainfall to the sunshine state. We break down what made this storm so impactful.

#5 Dallas: Drought to Flooding

At one point nearly every county in Texas was under burn restrictions as unrelenting drought seared the grasses and allowed massive fires to burn. Then, it all changed in just a day. Torrential rain arrived in August but the parched ground couldn’t soak it up, leading to widespread flooding in Dallas. This brings us to number 5 on our Top 10 Weather Events of 2022.

#4 Drought & Heatwaves

In the same vein of #5 on our list, #4 is another year of record heat and widespread drought in the central and western United States. The number of people impacted by both has this “long duration, low visibility” event firmly at four on our countdown.

#3 Relentless Spring Severe

8 Billion dollar disasters in just 3 months. The relentless severe season from late March to June in the southern United States makes the top three of Top 10 Weather Events of 2022. From tornado outbreaks to damaging wind and hail, we break down how widespread the impacts really were.

#2 Deadly Flooding: Virginia, St. Louis and Kentucky

For as dry as the second half of the summer season was for the Midwest and Appalachia, June and July brought devastating floods to rural Virginia and Kentucky along with St. Louis in just a few weeks time. Sadly, the flooding in Kentucky was deadly, with 48 people lost to flood waters that rose rapidly in the middle of the night. These events come in at #2 on our Top 10 List.

#1 Hurricane Ian

Another ‘I’ named storm for the book, Hurricane Ian’s landfall in southwest Florida brought widespread and catastrophic impacts to the Southeast U.S. in late September. Barrier islands were destroyed and storm surge ripped through homes. Hurricane Ian is one of the deadliest hurricanes in recent history and is number 1 on our list of the Top 10 Weather Events of 2022.

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High Impact Events – Western U.S. & Eastern U.S.

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