Unpacking Love Is Blind’s biggest viral moment season 3 – Zanab and Cole’s feud over clementines

Season 3 “Love Is Blind” released two final episodes on November 9, and this season hasn’t finished delivering viral moments — this time thanks to Cole Barnett and Zanab Jeffrey.

On the reunion episode, Zanab said that during filming Cole was “trying to control what she ate” and made her change her eating habits.

She continued, “I stopped eating. I was eating a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter so I wouldn’t pass out in the long days we were filming.”

Cole’s response to Zanab’s memory was: “That’s funny. I never cared what I ate. What are you talking about?”

Then Zannab shared the memory she had about Cuties clementines. She said that on one of the long shooting days when she needed to eat something, she grabbed two clementines, a small bunch of mandarin oranges.

Unpacking Love Is Blind's biggest viral moment season 3 - Zanab and Cole's feud over clementines
Cole Barnett and Zanab Jeffrey at the “Love Is Blind” reunion. 
Sara Mally/Netflix

She said Cole “looked at me and went, ‘Are you going to eat both?'” “When I told him yes because it was one serving of fruit, I remember he had told her that since they went out to eat later, ‘Maybe you should keep your appetite.

Cole seemed shocked as she told the story and said, “If you have it please stream it,” and asked the producers to broadcast the previously unseen footage. He said he only asked her for fruit because they were going out to a big dinner later that night.

Netflix aired the footage they dubbed “The Cuties Story” at the end of the reunion episode. Both of their memories proved true: Cole asked Zanab if she was going to eat Clementine and then told her, “You’d better keep your appetite” because they’d have a “big lollipop” from dinner the night.

When Zannab told him she hadn’t eaten that day and asked her why, she “probably shouldn’t” tell him. In the scene, Zannab and Cole both agreed that he gave her a bowl of bouquet for lunch, which she refused. When I asked Cole if Zannab was getting her “wedding dress” ready, she replied, “Something like that.”

The Internet is divided on Cuties Portal

Unpacking Love Is Blind's biggest viral moment season 3 - Zanab and Cole's feud over clementines
Zanab and Cole. 
Patrick Wymore/Netflix

The untaken scene has a split among many people on the internet. One user wrote on Twitter that given the couple’s dynamic with each other, “Even if Zannab is about to starve herself on her own, I totally understand hearing her ‘will you eat both’ and ‘keep your appetite’ criticism.”

Another user pointed out that Cole’s behavior throughout the season is an example of “gassing”.

“Cole took every opportunity to throw off Zee’s appearance, made small, intentional comments in a hilarious way of denial and then played the victim?? Why is he worried that she’s eating 2 little oranges anyway?” They continued to tweet.

But many people online seem to feel that Zaneb exaggerated the story to portray Cole in a negative light.

Another user on Twitter “…made it look like she belittled her and made her not eat, she ate cherries and oranges getting ready for her wedding dress, had nothing to do with her not being able to eat, I feel bad for him.” Wrote. .

Since then, both Znap and Cole have commented on the controversy

Unpacking Love Is Blind's biggest viral moment season 3 - Zanab and Cole's feud over clementines
Zanab and Cole dancing on “Love Is Blind.” 

Neither Zannab nor Cole immediately responded to a request for comment on the Cuties disaster.

He told Cool Entertainment Weekly that Zannab’s comments on the reunion were the “first time” he’d heard it likely had an effect on her eating habits.

He said that if Zannab’s potentially dangerous eating habits “really came from our relationship, I’m really sorry that that happened.”

“I wish I could help her in any way,” he added, “but I had no idea, and I still had no idea what it was like for her because we don’t really talk.”

Zenab told Entertainment Weekly in a separate interview that she did not seek help for an eating disorder after ending her relationship with Cole, nor did she describe her behavior as an eating disorder.

“I’ve always been a good eater. I enjoy food a lot. I’m not the girl who refuses sweets. I’m not the girl who cuts bread. I’ve never been that person before,” she said, so her body was “shocking” when she said she stopped eating during filming.

She said that since her relationship with Cole ended and the filming of Love Is Blind, she’s been in therapy to “get rid of those behaviors and rearrange the way I thought about myself and treated myself.”

Unpacking Love Is Blind's biggest viral moment season 3 - Zanab and Cole's feud over clementines
Zanab on episode five of “Love Is Blind.” 

In an Instagram post on November 10, Zanab appeared to respond to the negativity she’s been receiving on social media.

She wrote in part, “I’m sorry we don’t have the same triggers. I’m sorry I stood up for myself, and offended you so much.”

Before the reunion, “Love Is Blind” fans watched Zanab leave Cole at the altar on their wedding day. Part of her speech, she said, “You have upset me, insulted me, criticized me, and because they deserve it, you have broken my self-confidence on your own.”

Season 3 of “Love Is Blind” is streaming on Netflix.

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