Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Some people adore cats, some don’t, but they are equally amused by seeing a cat jump out of its skin at the mere sight of a cucumber. You may have seen videos like this making the rounds on social media with tons of views and likes, but have you ever wondered why cats are afraid of cucumbers? Although there is no scientifically supported answer to this question, there are two popular theories that make sense.

sudden intrusion

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?
Why Do Cats Fear Cucumbers?

It is wise to mention that a heightened awareness of his surroundings is one of the cat’s many traits. And whenever there is a sudden intrusion into the cat’s immediate surroundings, the cat’s immediate reaction is to rapidly jump back and forth out of intense fear and anxiety.

In addition, the common thing about every online video showing a cat being surprised by a cucumber is that the cat is either eating or focusing on something else when the cucumber magically appears out of nowhere.

Therefore, it immediately scares the cat when it finds the cucumber appearing out of the blue. Therefore, the cat’s instinctive reaction is mostly to jump up and run away.

Cucumber resemblance to a snake

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?
Cucumbers as a snake

Another theory as to why cats fear cucumbers is that cats have a genetic tendency to avoid potential threats such as a snake. Although cats are natural predators and can hunt snakes, some snakes still prey on them. So cats have developed a natural instinct to avoid snakes.

Therefore, when a cat is faced with a choice out of nowhere, natural instinct kicks in, and the cat tries to avoid the option in a hurry because it looks like a snake.

Aside from the above, some experts also believe that depending on personality, some cats are easily frightened by the sudden appearance of something like a cucumber, while others may not be afraid at all.

These things can also scare your cat.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?
A scared cat

Cats are very sensitive to sound. Therefore, they do not like loud sounds such as thunder, fireworks or loud music. Your cat despises these and will immediately jump to a safer place the moment a loud noise reaches his ears.

The cat’s sense of smell is 14 times stronger than the human’s. Therefore, cats hate strong smells like fruits, citrus fruits, chemicals, etc. The presence of a strong scent can confuse and often frighten your cat. Also, aerosols of some chemicals found in everyday household items, such as cleaning supplies, can lead to respiratory irritation and fear in cats. So, keeping your cat away from strong smells and chemicals is a good idea.

Aside from the above, a new pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, or iguana can also scare your cat away. Not just a new pet but new people or even new furniture in your home can surprise your cat.

Why is scaring your cat a bad idea?

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?
Scared cat

Watching a cat get scared of cucumbers online may seem funny and get a good laugh, but making a cat prank is not a good idea.

A joke can cause a cat to experience severe psychological stress, which may lead to behavioral changes. Your cat may start to fear the environment or room that has been pranked. It can even associate fear with human pranks.

So, instead of trying to scare your cat away with cucumber, why not add it to your cat’s diet? After all, cucumber is a safe snack for your cat. You can give your cat small pieces of seedless cucumber to see if she likes it.


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