Why are the Amish beards done without a mustache? Here are some interesting facts about the Amish community

The Amish are an interesting group of traditional Christians with both Swiss and German backgrounds. The Amish migrated from Europe for the sake of religious freedom and the improvement of farmland. They follow a simple life, avoid modern technology and maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle. They value rural life. Non-Amish people are referred to as “English”. They practice non-resistance and do not perform any kind of military service.

Amish beards are a symbol of commitment and masculinity for the men in the community.

Why are the Amish beards done without a mustache? Here are some interesting facts about the Amish community
Amish beards

The Amish community has been very particular about their beards and strong anti-mustache policies since colonial times. In the Amish community, beards are believed to be the equivalent of wedding rings. Indicates that the man is currently married or was married in the past (in case he is a widower).

Once an Amish man gets married, they stop shaving their beards because in the Bible, beards symbolize growth and manhood. They acknowledge this by allowing married men to grow beards. They do not wear a wedding ring because it is against their rule to use jewelry as a symbol of marriage.

Growing mustaches goes against the rules in the Amish community because they are pacifists and view mustaches as a sign representing the military and violence.

Why are the Amish beards done without a mustache? Here are some interesting facts about the Amish community
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British soldiers were required to grow mustaches until 1916. When they occupied the United States, they were bullies of the Amish community and other Mennonites due to their different lifestyles and belief not to participate in acts of violence such as war. In this way, the Amish beard acquires another symbolic significance – peaceful protest. The Amish are (and still are, by creed) non-violent in that they have rejected even the fashion of those who have embraced military service. Thus, the military resemblance is one of the reasons Amish men do not have mustaches with beards.

More interesting facts about the Amish community.

1 Amish follows the secular and compulsory experiences of teens called “Rumspringa” as they get to explore the outside world.

Since the community follows strict rules and has a different way of life, Amish teens between the ages of 14 and 18 join English communities where they can explore the world and decide whether they want to leave the Amish community for the outside world or be baptized into religion and live the Amish way. Baptism is a ceremony that the Amish go through as a way to show their commitment to the way of God and the Church for the rest of their lives. Once chosen for baptism, they will strictly follow the Amish lifestyle and their traditional way of life. Baptism has lifelong implications and is taken very seriously.

2 Amish do not play music with musical instruments.

The Amish do not enjoy using musical instruments because they believe it draws unwanted attention to an individual. Their church music, and any other music passed down by them, does not use any instruments. Ways of self-expression like this are unnecessary for the individual according to his beliefs.

3 Dancing is not considered modest in the Amish community.

The Amish community lead such a selfless life, that they consider dancing or moving their bodies to music as a worldly activity. Only Amish youth participate in the dance during the Rumspringa period. Others usually only listen to church songs and the music is limited to hymns.

4 Jewelry is one of the materials that draws attention to the body, so it is not permissible.

The Ordnung, the set of rules the Amish follow, strictly forbids the use of jewelry. The Amish don’t even wear a wedding ring. Other symbols such as men’s beards and women’s black hoods represent social status.

5 Amish families do not use English to communicate unless they are with strangers.

The Amish use the language called “Pennsylvania German” or “Dutch” at home. It is a German dialect that is not a written language. They write in English but sometimes with German words, and speak only English to non-Amish strangers. The Bibles for those used in the church were written in High German.

6 Amish only go to school until eighth grade. Their formal education ends there, after which they will be educated in private schools.

The Amish value farming and crafts and focus on hands-on learning after the eighth grade. They also believe that higher education can reinforce anti-Christian values ​​for their children thus ending formal education in the eighth grade but continuing education in various formal and informal settings.

7 The Amish community live to a healthy old age because of their way of life.

The Amish lead a very healthy life by relying on farming raising their hands without using technology as their main method of obtaining food. The Amish are six times more active than the average human of a similar age. The percentage of obesity is very low because they are engaged in physical labor. Because of not using tobacco, the chances of developing tobacco-related cancers are lower compared to people outside the community.

8 The Amish genes that moved to America in the 18th century are still intact because people only marry within their community.

The Amish population in the United States today are the direct descendants of 200 families who moved to the United States in the eighteenth century AD. They also live about 10% longer than people without the Amish gene.

9 Large families are valued in the Amish community, so they mostly abstain from birth control.

The Amish are Bible literals, they take Bible verses very seriously. They take the verse from the Bible, “Be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:26-28), very seriously. Most Amish families in the United States have six to seven children. They are a closed community and have a limited genetic pool, so birth defects are common in Amish families.

10 Old Order Amish do not operate any motorized vehicles.

The Old Order Amish shied away strictly from modern technologies. They are more traditional than the new system who have moved to different parts of the United States and started operating vehicles and using technologies. The Old Order Amish, even on farms, use pure labor to grow crops and engage in other activities.


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