World Cup Now: 3 entries from Champion Mexico vs. Poland

Memo Ochoa lived up to his legend in Mexico’s goalless draw with Robert Lewandowski and Poland at Stade 974 on Tuesday.

FOX Sports soccer analysts and former US men’s national team players Jimmy Conrad and Sasha Kljestan gave their notes from the match and discussed what the score means for the rest of the group at World Cup Now.

Conrad: Argentina is the real winner

This result – a draw and one point each – really benefits Argentina, because if one team had won, there would have been two teams at the top with three points. This would have made it more difficult for Argentina to get back on this knowing that they would have to face Poland and Mexico.

But now, with both sides just one point away, I think they can get a draw and win and still find themselves in the last 16, even though they may have to face France.

Kljestan: “San Memo” saves the day again

This guy, in his fifth World Cup, is still making great saves for Mexico. He was the man of the match, and his killing stop on Lewandowski was the defining moment.

Celestan: The Mexican fans are amazing

If I could give a second man of the match, I would give it to the Mexican fans. They stood in that stadium. 90% of the Mexico fans were in this crowd.

In the second minute, they were already shouting “Olé, olé” when the ball was in motion; Even Ayan Darke and Landon Donovan would say, “I feel like the Azteca’s here.” It’s special when you’re playing in a World Cup where you’re so far away from home, and it still feels like home. This is really cool.


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