You’re not alone if you’re seeing random events populating your Google Calendar

Google Calendar is experiencing some issues as of late, creating all-day event entries from unrelated emails.

Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps available has some pretty intelligent features like being able to create event entries based on email that come into your inbox. While this can be extremely convenient for someone that has a lot of appointments, it looks like recently, some people are experiencing issues with this feature. It appears that Google Calendar is randomly creating events from emails that don’t require calendar entries. It’s unknown at this point just how many people are affected, but luckily, while not the best, there is a solution available.

The news comes from the folks at 9to5Google, who state that this is a “relatively widespread bug” that has popped up over the last day or so. If you have not experienced this phenomenon yet, what occurs is that Google Calendar will begin creating all-day events from Gmail messages that pop into your inbox. It does this for random emails like advertisements and other unrelated emails. Perhaps worst of all, this is happening without any rhyme or reason. But the source does speculate that the issue could be caused by emails that have dates mentioned in them.

If this is happening to you, there currently isn’t an ETA as to when the problem will be fixed, but we have reached out to Google for comment. If you cannot deal with the unwanted events popping up, the solution for now is to disable Google Calendar’s ability to create events based on your incoming email. In order to do this, you’ll head into the Settings menu, then go to the Events from Gmail tab, and toggle off the Show events from Gmail option. While not the most ideal for some, this is the only wait to stop the problem for now.

Source: 9to5Google

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